25 Best Freelance Time Tracking Apps to Boost Your Productivity


There is a variety of productivity and support tools that you, as a freelancer, could choose from—the Internet is currently filled with both paid and free applications with different options available, ranging from freelance time tracking apps to money management tools.

Each website for each application will promote it and say that it is the best thing ever; however, some of them turn out to be quite unhelpful or expensive for what they are. This article will help you find 25 truly useful freelance applications, so if you are on the hunt for some tools for freelancing jobs to make your life a little more comfortable, then just read on!

What does freelance imply?

In the beginning, it is essential to get a better understanding of what freelancers do in their work as well as what activities are frequently repeated in the majority of instances. A freelancer (sometimes called an independent contractor) is a self-employed individual that provides his or her services to organizations that need a project to be finished.

Naturally, being a freelancer can imply a variety of things: one may work at a construction site and will need to travel to work every day while another can remain in the comfort of their home and send the completed projects to the employer via email.

Thus, freelance work is very similar to the types of traditional work with only one crucial distinction—there is no long-time commitment to a specific employer or a job. Many freelancers depend on the availability of work in their industry and highly value convenience.

Challenges freelancers face

Many may ask why freelancers need applications and support tools since they don’t have a secure job in which they should invest.

Here’s the deal:

Despite not having a “traditional” job, freelancers are similar to other employees and face the same difficulties and challenges. To better understand what specific applications a freelancer would need in their everyday life, it is worth briefly mentioning some challenges they face, especially in the professional career:

  • Time management
    This is probably one of the most challenging aspects associated with the job of a freelancer. Short deadlines, different time zones, the inability to correctly estimate the time necessary for completing a task, etc. Time management is especially problematic for freelancers since they rarely have set working hours and must plan their work on their own, which is mainly complicated when working at home.
  • Procrastination and laziness
    Employees working in offices always have a boss watching them from time to time, which boosts their motivation and encourages them to get work done in time; however, freelancers are their own bosses, which significantly complicates the state of affairs. It is very hard to discipline yourself and stop paying attention to the plethora of distractions around you, especially when working from home. Laziness and procrastination are huge distractions, so freelancers should get it together and fight them no matter what it takes.
  • Finance management
    It is essential to make sure that you can afford to spend money that you earn, so all freelancers – regardless of their specialty – should become good finance managers and accountants.

Sadly, it can sometimes get even worse:

  • Dealing with clients
    As a rule, employees that work full-time have some support from their bosses or colleagues when dealing with annoying clients; however, freelancers have no one but themselves to rely on in stressful situations with customers. It can significantly undermine the working process, especially when you are on a tight deadline.

To summarize, time and finance management, laziness and procrastination, and problems with clients are the main points of concern for freelancers.

Best freelance time tracking apps

As time management is one of the biggest concerns for the majority of freelancers, time tracking apps can come in very handy when it comes to planning projects in advance, avoiding time wasting, and getting everything done by the set deadline. As this issue deeply concerns freelancers working in a variety of spheres, this section of the article will be the largest, so you have all the information you can need.

  1. TopTracker

    Created to fit the needs of freelancers of different profiles and specialties since it is not connected to a specific platform. One of the greatest advantages of this freelance time tracking app is the fact that it is completely free, which is surprising given the variety of available features (timers, screen and webcam shots, picture blurs, written task descriptions, and so on). TopTracker can be used across all possible devices and operating systems (surprise: including Linux).

top tracker screenshot

  1. Timely
    Desktop | iOS | Android

    Both a scheduling assistant and time tracking application that will be best suited for beginners that are juggling a variety of solo project management options. It is also agile enough to suit team projects with up to five members. By synching with Apple and Google Calendars, Timely will allow users to track their projects without disrupting the workflow.

timely website screenshot

  1. Hours

    Desktop | iOS

    If you are an Apple fan and prefer to use only their devices in your freelance work, Hours time tracking is the application for you. The simple interface that focuses on functionality will allow you to easily manage various projects through color-coding and timestamping.

hours time tracking

  1. TrackingTime

    Desktop | iOS | Android

    An effortless application that allows you to track time with only one click. This free time tracker app integrates excellently with all devices and includes a Google Chrome app for better project management. Overall, TrackingTime is a perfect application for smaller scale freelancers that are looking for better ways to reduce overhead costs.

tracking time co screenshot

  1. Due Time Tracking


    A completely free and straightforward application that allows users to keep track of their time through the use of idle time detection. Moreover, the Due Time tracker app allows you to generate invoices as you proceed with the project by the hourly rates. If you need to sort the information about customers, this application will also be helpful.

due time tracking screenshot

  1. Harvest

    Desktop | iOS | Android

    Offers an intuitive interface for easy time and expense tracking. What is convenient in this time tracker app is the option to install the application on any interface (whether it be an Apple Watch or a PC). It easily integrates with up to 70 business management services such as Quickbooks or Slack and has an excellent customer support service to your satisfaction.

harvest app screenshot

  1. Tick
    Desktop | iOS | Android

    Not only a freelance time tracking app, but also a tool for optimizing time management processes. It allows the use of timecards for different tasks to keep up with the workflow and integrate with up to four hundred platforms.

tick screenshots

  1. Toggl

    Desktop | iOS | Android

    A simplified version of an average time-tracking application. Toggl app offers the key functionalities that other apps offer, but it is suitable for team projects and collaborative groups of freelancers that work with a limited budget and cannot afford overheads.

toggl screenshot

  1. Hubstaff

    Desktop | iOS | Android

    Offers a range of pricing options depending on the size of the team rather than the number of open projects. The app allows easy access and modification of time tracking spreadsheets as well as the option to invite clients as viewers.

hubstaff screenshot

  1. Klok Desktop Application


    One of the most reasonably-priced time tracking apps for the options it offers. Apart from standard time management options, it allows you to collect data from previous projects, divide them into different categories, and see how much time you spend on self-marketing and meetings.

klok timetracking app screenshot

  1. RescueTime


    An easy-to-use application that will allow beginner freelancers to get an idea of how they are spending their time in cases when there is no requirement to report to managers. This app is useful only to those that need information for their interest.

rescue time website screenshot

  1. Everhour


    A web-based freelance time tracking app created for freelance developers and teams. It uses language detection software for creating entries and reporting. This app is a great option for those only starting their career in freelancing since it gives a lot of room for growth.

everhour personal overall report

  1. Paydirt


    A web-based time-tracking app that includes freelance time-tracking and invoicing as well as quote building options. It will work excellently for freelancers that are on the hunt for a solution that will do everything for them.

paydirtapp screenshot

  1. TimeCamp

    Desktop | iOS | Android

    Designed specifically to fit the needs of teams and focuses predominantly on timesheets and a streamlined interface. TimeCamp is the top tracker app that will be suitable for teams that need to have control over their time without any extra options that are usually distracting.

timecamp screenshot

  1. Paymo


    A very well-designed application for project management that includes all of the necessary options such as invoicing, team management, time tracking and an abundance of others. Moreover, the app has a PaymoPlus companion that can be used by your team members if you are working on a group project.

paymo app screenshot

Best freelance job apps for other purposes

With the most useful freelance time tracking apps out of the way, let’s talk about some innovative tools that you, as a freelancer, can use in your everyday work.

But here’s the kicker:

While time management and procrastination should be addressed first, there are some other useful freelance apps for writers, people trying to start up a new business, those who have issues with financial management, or those who cannot remember everything they have to do.

We’ve listed them below:

  1. OpenOffice


    An excellent tool for freelance writers who need something better than Microsoft Office to accomplish their assignments. It allows you to easily export files, and create pamphlets or guides. What is really cool is the most significant selection of fonts you can find.

openoffice screenshot

  1. Zen Writer


    Despite being a little pricey ($9 a month), this freelance app was created with aesthetics in mind so that a writer is focused on his or her task. You can adjust lighting and fonts to fit your needs and enjoy a stress-free writing experience.

zen writer screenshot

  1. Logline App


    Marketed as a writing app for screenplays, but can easily be used for writing long e-Books or comprehensive manuals. It will allow you to organize the written material into chapters with ease so that you don’t have to create separate files for each section.

logline app screenshot

  1. Dropbox

    Desktop | iOS | Android

    An awesome freelance app that allows users to sync their files across all devices with an easy system of “drag-and-drop”. Essentially, Dropbox creates a “cloud” storage for all files that you have, so you can easily access them from any device you want.

dropbox screenshot

  1. Remember the Milk

    Desktop | iOS | Android

    One of the most popular task management apps for anyone, not just freelancers. It has recently added a new Chrome option and, thus, has become very popular with freelancers. It reminds users of anything—whether they need a location reminder or a note to buy some milk. If you are on a hunt for a great reminder app, Remember the Milk is probably the best one out there.

Remember the Milk app

  1. BzReminder

    iOS | Android

    This app is for those people who like to procrastinate and postpone completing tasks. It will annoy you with loud buzzers and frequent reminders until you pick up your device so that you won’t forget about anything critical.

bz reminder screenshot

  1. MindMeister

    Desktop | iOS | Android

    Because the phenomenon of mind mapping has recently reached phenomenal popularity, this tool will allow users to create mind maps on any device and automatically ensure better storage than notepads or loose pieces of paper. The free plan offered by this app will fit the requirements of most people; however, if you are the person who creates mind maps for every project management option for freelancers, you can opt for a Premium option that is not that expensive ($6 a month).

mindmeister screenshot

  1. Evernote

    Desktop | iOS | Android

    This is a tool that will be useful for freelancing jobs that require people to remember a lot of information, especially when it comes to creative ideas (images, videos, audio clips).

evernote screenshots

  1. Mint

    Desktop | iOS | Android

    If you are looking for an excellent, free money management tool with a beautiful interface, then Mint is probably one of the best options. Because freelancers are accountants for themselves and need to manage their money smartly, applications such as this are essential. Moreover, the Mint blog is one of the top freelance websites and is an excellent source for beginners, since it provides a range of information such as case studies and infographics. Overall, there is no other free money management application that is comparable to Mint.

mint website screenshot

  1. Rocket Lawyer


    This freelance app is great for those people that are planning to build their own business and are in need of a resource that will contain a range of high-quality legal documents. The app also allows users to share documents as well as buy, search, preview, and download them.

Rocket Lawyer screenshot

At the beginning of the article, it was mentioned that the main problems freelancers face in their professional career are time management, laziness, finance management, and issues when dealing with clients.

The list of freelance time tracking apps and other useful tools includes a variety of sources that will help you to:

  • Understand how to work freelance at home
  • Become proficient in the sphere of money management
  • Be reminded of work when you are procrastinating
  • Be able to share some information with clients when it comes to assuring them that your work will be completed by the deadline.

While there are hundreds of different freelance apps that you can use in your practice, this list encompasses some of the most popular ones that may indeed improve your work and give you the status of a “freelance guru”.

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I have tried plethora time tracking tool, You must have tried weeklytimelog.com Its also useful, timesaving tool.

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I created my own time tracker named Simple! (https://simple-tracker.com)

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