30 Goal Setting Tools That Will Help You Achieve Success

Goal setting is something only “the chosen ones” have gotten a grasp of. With the advent of social media and Netflix, so many people are failing to organize their time and be more productive not only at work but also at days off.

Since procrastination and laziness can cause some significant problems with productivity, app developers have come up with some useful tools that can make your planning process a bit easier and enjoyable. So if you are on a look for ways to up your goal planning game, just read on!

Tools for planning and goal setting

1. Milestone Planner

Some of you reading this are probably in need of a “kick in the rear” to get everything together and start setting business goals and objectives. This app will help you visualize your goals with a simple-to-use goal-brainstorming tool that you can use in any sphere ranging from finance to hobbies.

2. Atlassian Jira Software

jira software website

This tool is unique for its option of collecting all your goals on one board and splitting them into different subcategories. Moreover, it shows you a status bar, so you have a better idea of how far are you from reaching the set goal.

3. Trello

A great support system with a streamlined interface, so you have a clear vision of where are you heading. What is cool is that you can create various boards, add lists, and other members. Divide lists into groups (for example, add lists top 10 work goals; house duties; university assignments, etc.) for extra motivation.

4. Todoist

todoist website screenshot

This website will help you to organize your ideas as well as set both small and significant goals. Structure your tasks with labels, priorities, and filters. Also, you can synchronize this tool with other software.

5. Goal Buddy

This is an online tool for tracking your goals with the support of other users with similar goals that can motivate and keep you accountable.

6. GoalEnforcer

Available on both Mac OS and Windows, GoalEnforecer is a software for planning goals. Includes a simple ‘drag-and-drop’ interface that you can easily use for a variety of purposes.

7. Goalscape

Goalscape website screenshot

This is an excellent software for setting goals that include a range of elements that facilitate effective visualization. The best part is that it’s available on Linux.

8. Joe’s Goals

If you are on the look for a simple tool that even a kid in primary school can use. It also includes a set of daily scores that measure your accomplishments, so you have a distinct idea of where are you heading.

9. Single-step

Another software to help you set goals as well as identify the areas of your life that you should change. The most useful features include reports, graphs, and diagrams, external encouragement options. The sad thing is that it’s only compatible with Windows.

10. Move Mountains

Move Mountains coaching website

A free online coaching website with a variety of available courses to help you stay motivated. Develop a list of personal goals to become more successful.

11. Momentum

Allows you to form new habits, track your achievements, and conduct the results in the end of each week. You can use it on your Apple Watch or iPhone.

12. 43 Things

This is a website for you to jot down 43 things that you want to achieve in life. A simple way to get started, right?

Goal setting apps to use on any device

While blogs and online forums are great tools to get started, you have to get into a habit of constantly using a “helper” that will keep you motivated.

Here’s the best thing:

There is a lot of useful apps and goal-setting tools that you can use on any device for extra convenience when you’re on the go.

Here are some of them:

13. Nozbe

One of the most popular tools for freelancers that love to keep track of their progress. Even if you’re not a freelancer, Nozbe will be useful for creating milestones, managing tasks, and even creating new habits.

14. GoalsOnTrack

Goals On Track app

This app has a variety of available features that will help you keep track of your goals as well as different subcategories (e.g., start and end date, action plans, habits, and others).

15. Lifetick

Lifetick app is a tool that focuses on helping you set SMART goals that are all the rage these days. It offers an activity feed that is very similar to a daily journal of all activities you have to complete to achieve the set goals.

16. Strides

If you are not a fan of complicated interfaces, this app will become your favorite. You can choose a tracker option depending on the kind of the goal you set, which is quite a practical option since not all goals can be tracked in the same way.

17. Balanced

Helps you focus on smaller things that you don’t get to do very often. Great for people that want to increase their level of happiness and satisfaction with life instead of major life goal setting.

18. Coach.Me

/Coach Me screenshot

This app is probably one of the first applications created specifically for habit-tracking purposes. The most exciting features are the crowdsourced encouragement from other users and examples of good performance goals. If you like to only share your habits with people you trust, you use some privacy settings.

19. Irunurun

This application is perfect for those that don’t enjoy boring reminder or goal tracking apps. Instead, it turns the process of creating new habits into a game, which may be great for some of you.

20. HabitList

Habit List for goals app

If you are not really interested in setting goals and tracking habits are all you need, give this scheduling app a go. It has a very intuitive interface with options to create schedules for different situations. Although it’s only available on iPhones, it is still worth a try.

21. Way of Life

Allows you to track as many daily goals as you need, whether you have to remember to drink some water or have some goals for work.

22. AnyDo

Any Do website

This is a handy task management tool that will help you get rid out of different tasks to get closer to your goal. With an easy-to-use interface, AnyDo is compatible with most devices (including Android), which is always a convenient feature.

23. StikK

StikK website

This application was designed to fit the needs of those who feel that pie charts or vision boards are not enough. Developed by economists from Yale University, StikK makes you stick to your goals through a commitment contract.

Here’s the best thing:

You have to pay a substantive sum of money if you don’t reach the set goal. If this is not enough motivation, then probably nothing else is.

24. Rewire

If you don’t belong to the Apple crowd, this app will be perfect. Designed specifically for Androids, Rewire will help you stay motivated with the use of different graphs to visualize the progress. There is also an option to organize goals into different categories, which is always a bonus.

More useful tools

As seen from the extensive list of different tools and apps you can use to set and accomplish your goals, software developers have invested a lot into creating dedicated programs to help track success.

While these apps are convenient, there is also a variety of other support tools that do not necessarily track success but are essential for people wishing to stay productive in their day-to-day life. Below is the list of some of the most popular tools that will help you keep your act together:

25. Wunderlist

Wunderlist website screenshot

This tool is probably the most popular list-making software. It allows you to create a list of short-term goals and set deadlines for accomplishing tasks. Although it is not a goal planning app, in essence, it will be great for beginners who are only trying their hand at planning everyday activities.

26. Google Drive

Probably the best thing Google ever created for sharing information within a group. It will be great for team members or friends that have shared goals in mind and want to visualize them on a platform for easy access.

27. Microsoft OneNote

If you are a devoted Microsoft Office user, you can install this app on your computer to create lists and visualize goals. It is essentially a digital notebook for writing ideas and drawing sketches. Overall, a valuable tool for people with a creative mind.

28. ATracker

ATracker app

It’s an app for those who just love procrastinating. It will give you an insight into how you’re spending free time so you have a better understanding of what should be changed.

29. Clear

A great app for creating to-do lists with an intuitive ‘pen-to-paper’ interface with additional features such as reminders.

30. Asana

This is a beautiful and straightforward project management app and one of the best planning tools that you can use across all devices.

Make baby steps to your dream

If you used to think before that there are not enough tools for goal setting, you must have changed your mind by now. Now, there should not be any excuses for procrastination and laziness; you can download any of the mentioned apps and start setting goals and making baby steps to accomplish them.

Whether you need some free goal-setting tools just to ease yourself into the process of goal setting or you need an app for setting SMART goals, the list above definitely has something for you to choose, so turn off Netflix and get productive right now.

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