Best 44 Apps and Software for Freelancers 2023

Being productive and meeting deadlines are challenging tasks for freelancers.

In your everyday work, you have no one to rely upon but yourself. Because of this, the use of effective freelance software that helps with time management, writing, calculating, and developing schedules becomes indispensable.

Even more:

It’s essential to take into consideration the all-encompassing nature of freelance work and the variety of specializations that can be associated with independent occupations.

In this article, we discuss several categories of freelance apps and freelance websites, including:

  • time management apps
  • lists and notes applications
  • invoicing and accounting apps
  • file sharing applications
  • resources for finding work opportunities
  • project management tools
  • apps for organized writing
  • miscellaneous selection of applications for freelancers.

Chapter I. Time Management Apps

Since any professional freelancer understands the value of time, using time management apps for scheduling and meeting deadlines is essential. Below is the list of the most popular applications that may make time management stress-free:

Time Doctor is a time tracking software that helps you increase your productivity by 22% with features like powerful customizable reports that include web and app usage, optional screenshot monitoring and many more. Time Doctor’s reports will give you detailed insights into which websites are being used and for how long. You can access these reports online, and can also receive them weekly by email.

Rescue time tracker

This app is perfect for anyone from freelance copywriters to it freelancers who need to use their time as efficiently as possible. The app sends a report every week to show which tasks steal time and thus limit productivity.

Remember the milk app

If one is having issues with managing work on several devices, the application will help bring unity to operations and ease the burden of task management. Also, the app uses reminders for updating users such as oDesk freelancers on their progress.

toggl tracker

This application is for those who take time tracking apps seriously due to heavy loads of different projects.

The software provides an alternative to time sheets and has a user-friendly interface for the convenient time management.

Get pocket

This tool is essential for keeping relevant information for using it later.

Freelancers can save time for research through keeping a list of important links and resources that can be used for assignments.

There is nothing as frustrating as finding a useful website and then losing a link to it; however, with Pocket, a freelancer is always on track with his or her research.

Workflow screenshot

When being busy meeting deadlines, it is always vital to optimize operations and not battle against time.

Workflow is an exciting tool that enhances time-saving through building “workflows” that several complete tasks in one go.

For example:

If a user needs a smartphone to add a note, save a link, and open a video file, he or she sets up a chain of commands within the app, which then does the three steps all at once.

7. Clear

This application will be well-received by those who value a clean and simple design without any hassle. Because a life of a freelancer can often get hectic, the freelance iOS application allows its users to organize their daily assignments into specific groups for convenience.

Other advantages of the tool include the customizable interface that is intuitive to use. On the downside, Clear is only available for Apple enthusiasts.

Claralabs screenshot

For those who need some extra help with scheduling, Clara is the perfect app companion.

It can schedule and coordinate meetings through relieving the burden of finding free time in a schedule. A useful option of the application is the tool’s ability to filter through numerous emails and finding an appropriate time for a meeting between two parties.

The only thing that should be done is to CC Clara on any relevant email for facilitating the process of filtration.

Chapter II. Lists and Notes Applications

It is not a secret that notes and lists apps can also be used for freelance work and not only for grocery shopping. The list of useful apps below includes some of the most popular and free tools that may serve as helpers in organizing freelance work:

Evernote website

This is a free tool for enhanced productivity that allows users to capture their ideas and thoughts in a variety of ways ranging from notes to images.

The app also encourages users to record important information such as conversations that occur during meetings to use it for later work.

Todoist website

The app is free and can be used across a variety of devices.

According to The Guardian, the clean and simple design is what places Todoist among the most used applications.

During freelance work, you can use Todoist to create and manage lists, set reminders on tasks, and keep an overall track of one’s productivity.

11. Mind42

Mind42 screnshot

While mind mapping is not a practice that everyone uses, a mind map application can help at dabbling in this productivity tool.

To do so, Mind42 can be used as it is the best free mind mapping application out there. A freelancer can use it for organizing thoughts and processes associated with assignments and therefore become more clear on what needs to be done.

My life organized

For people who provide freelance services, organization is the key.

This application can be used in the case of complications with task management and the organization of objectives.

MyLifeOrganized is great because of several reasons: it is automated and can produce a variety of to-do lists and places statuses of priority on those assignments that need to be completed urgently.

Sync back free website

When it comes to file management, it is essential for a freelancer (especially IT freelancers) to have software that helps to back up, synchronize, and restore files in cases of emergency. Applications such as SyncBackFree can save time both now and in the future.

Chapter III. Invoice and Accounting Apps

All freelance projects conclude with payment. Therefore, freelances require skills of composing adequate invoices for getting paid. Below is the list of the best accounting and invoicing applications that make life much easier:

Invoicely website

This application is highly rich in features for enhanced convenience.

During the work, you can use this application for tracking deadlines, calculating expenses, and even getting to know their car mileage.

Want to know more?

Accepting payments is also possible through the tool after invoices have been issued.

15. Wave

Wave apps website

For those who dread writing invoices or doing anything else associated with accounting, this freelance software can become a discovery.

It’s different because of its beautiful design that makes accounting much less stressful and complicated.

By using this tool, anyone from freelance translators to freelance illustrators can send invoices to customers, estimate payments, and receipts.

Among other benefits are:

  • accepting credit card payments
  • having a single dashboard
  • and being able to manage all accounting operations using just one tool.


Shoe boxed website

This tool can be of great assistance to those freelancers who cannot manage their receipts and get lost in them easily.

Shoeboxed allows for the scanning and organization of receipts and the subsequent generation of expense reports.

Even more:

It is possible to get receipts from Gmail directly or acquire assistance for tax preparations.

17. Mint

Mint website

The most exciting part:

It allows users to put all financial accounts into one tool that will store them and subsequently provide accounting help.

Want an example?

  • bill tracking
  • fee monitoring
  • financial analysis
  • budgeting
  • investment tracking

Mint is also highly popular because it is free of charge, so no payment is needed to get the appropriate accounting help.

Fresh books website

This app is for freelancers who cannot use complicated interfaces for their accounting needs.

FreshBooks is a cloud app that has a simple design and therefore is extremely convenient to use for purposes such as expenses and time tracking, credit card payments, and more.

Even more:

The app is available for all devices and platforms for enhanced convenience.

19. Due

Due app

For those who care about the security of their digital wallets, Due is an application that provides freelancers with a secure way of managing their payments and invoicing systems.

The best part:

The application is effective for tracking time for either individual freelancers or even entire teams.

Chapter IV. Project Management Applications

Freelancers can work both on short- and long-term projects, all of which require attentive management. The list of apps below includes three most used tools that help with project management and make freelance work less stress-free.

20. Trello

Trello website

Since freelancers also encounter projects where they have to work in teams, a flexible project management app is required to optimize collaboration.

Trello is a perfect tool for this because it allows for the easy sorting and filtering of relevant tasks to share them with teammates.

That’s what you get:

Instead of getting lost in trails of emails or Whatsapp messages, a user can visualize projects as bulletin board lists made from separate posts. Such a system of visualization is much easier to manage and therefore is more effective. Even a freelance company can use Trello for managing freelancers.

Meister task

The tool is among newest project management apps. It uses a unique approach to boards by allowing users to create lists and dashboards using bright colors to boost productivity.

Also, the application is straightforward to use with just several actions required for the management and creation of tasks.

Freedcamp website

For freelancers who struggle with setting milestones on their project and managing their calendar, this application was created to help in project scheduling.

Useful options include both Kanban boards and simple to-do lists that are divided into specific milestones on the calendar to assist in project planning.

Chapter V. File Sharing Applications

Whether it’s freelance writing or freelance graphic design, file sharing is always needed.

Because there is a wide variety of file sharing apps, it is sometimes hard to choose between them and pick the ones that would really work and make operations easier.

The list below includes the most efficient and time-saving apps that can be used for file sharing within and across devices:

Infinit storage platform screenshot

This app is for those who still send photos from their phones to computers or always lose USB drives.

Infinit storage platform is a tool that enables a quick an efficient file sharing across different devices and even operating systems. As mentioned by its developers, the app uses point-to-point technology that allows users to share files within just four seconds.

Share IT website

In many cases, freelancers have to deal with large files.

How can you do it?

Use SHAREit to send files to other devices in a matter of seconds without having to deal with any restrictions on sizes.

It is much quicker than Bluetooth and all that users have to do is selecting content for sharing, choosing a receiver, and then hitting the send button.

Resilio website

While this app is not a freelance platform, it can be effectively used for a quick and intelligent synchronization of files without the need for encountering the vulnerabilities associated with clouds.

The tool can find the fastest and easiest routes for transferring files between devices and avoiding the cloud, which means that the involvement of third parties is eliminated.

Importantly, Sync can share files between different devices and operating systems, allowing iPhones to share files with a Windows mobile device.

Super beam website

While the majority of file-sharing tools require connection to the Internet, SuperBeam allows users to share their files even without having the connection since it uses Wi-Fi direct technologies for transmitting data.

Devices can be paired either through using QR codes or sharing keys. As a rule, the speed of transfers is 20-40 Mb per second; although, higher-end devices such as iPhones can reach a speed up to 75 Mb per second when sharing images, music, and other files.

Push bullet website

Since sending photos or screenshots from a phone to a computer is sometimes a burden, Pushbullet was developed for connecting all devices between each other and creating a feeling that there is only one and not three or four.

For instance, Pushbullet creates browser extensions for desktops to allow for sending links or files to several devices at the same time. For smartphones, the tool makes it very easy to share documents between those who use the service.

Even more:

The application is compatible with all operating systems and browsers to ensure enhanced convenience, which is especially important for freelance photography.

Chapter VI. Websites for Finding Freelance Work

Freelance opportunities and local freelance positions are always hard to come by, especially for beginners. Because of this, a list of websites and applications for finding freelance gigs for workers and freelance services online for clients was created.

At the moment, there is a variety of freelance marketplaces that can be used for finding appropriate projects.

Since there is such a large number of them, the list of resources below provides a guideline on the most popular and reliable platforms that will not disappoint:

28. Upwork

Upwork website

With the client number reaching around 2 million, Upwork can be used by any freelancer: from freelance developers to freelance journalists.

It is useful for both long- and short-term assignments and a variety of skill levels. Despite one’s position in the career ladder, Upwork can be highly beneficial for those looking for job opportunities.

29. Toptal

Toptal website

Compared to the platform described above, Toptal takes a different approach to providing job opportunities for freelancers and makes it easier for clients to find freelancers.

It is for highly skilled and seasoned freelancers, whose expertise is usually valued. The relatively complicated although fair process of screening opens potential employees access to projects with clients such as Airbnb or Zendesk and therefore a reasonable compensation for their work.

Another beneficial aspect of this freelance software is the opportunity to become a Toptal community member, join a freelancers’ union, and visit regular meetings and events.

People per hours website

With this application, job search has become much easier as it takes away the hassle associated with finding project work.

Since the platform specifically focuses on project work, one may find a variety of job opportunities that need temporary positions. Also, Peopleperhour includes such features as payment streamlining, communication tools, and workload management options. The app is worth a try, especially because it allows users to send the first 15 work proposals for free.

31. Freelancer

Freelancer website

What makes this application different from others is the fact that freelancers can compete with each other to prove their skills and competence.

This means that in addition to offering millions of jobs to freelancers and creating freelance networks, the platform encourages competitive workers who are confident in their abilities to showcase their professionalism and win over the attention of potential employers.

Simply hired

This platform made a list because it can be used by a wide range of freelancers who want to find prospective projects as well as clients who want to hire freelancers. Similar to other hiring websites, it includes a location-based search coupled with a company directory for enhanced convenience.

Also, the website has a blog with tips on how to get hired, which is always a bonus.

Chapter VII. Applications to Help with Organized Writing

Writing and freelance work comes hand in hand, even in cases of freelance 3D modeling or website development.

Because of this, a list of useful and affordable (or free) tools and applications has been developed to cater to the needs of freelancers who need help in organizing their writing and making it more efficient.

Literature and latte website

Since freelance is heavily associated with writing, Scrivener was developed for those who spend the majority of their work time writing.

Available for both macOS and Windows, the freelance app combines qualities of a scrapbook, a typewriter, and a research assistant. A user can collect relevant material, flick through the writing easily, manage references and notes, as well as be able to break long texts into sections that are less complicated to manage.

Grammarly website

For those who struggle with proofreading both large and small texts, the application is the perfect solution.


Because it has a variety of features such as:

  • the elimination of grammar errors
  • text improvements
  • plagiarism detection
  • spelling and vocabulary enhancement, and so on.

Furthermore, Grammarly сan be used as a browser extension and check documents through uploading them directly to the application. Another benefit is the ability to download reports to keep track of spelling and grammar improvements when writing.

Zoho writer

It isn’t new many writers dislike Microsoft Word, especially those who do not need too many features that only complicate writing.

The app is a free alternative to Word and has an easy-to-use interface. One can sign in the Zoho Writer account even from a smartphone and start using the app immediately and enjoy the versatility of formatting and editing options.

Want more?

For those who still enjoy using Word, Zoho Writer also has a convenient plug-in that can tie the two pieces’ software together.

Pro writing aid website

While getting help on correcting grammar and spelling mistakes is always useful, it is also beneficial to get feedback that exceeds those provided by the majority of automated tools.

After a user downloads a written work into the application, the software will generate a list of suggestions on how to improve the paper’s style. On the other hand, ProWritingAid also offers simple options such as plagiarism and grammar check.

37. Scribus

Scribus screenshot

For those writers who not only have to compose unique texts but also develop designs for their publication, Scribus is a perfect application.

Why are we so sure?

It is free, very highly-rated application for publishing needs available for the majority of operational systems (OS, Linux, and Microsoft).

On the downside, beginners will encounter some challenges because of the professional orientation of the software; however, the layout is possible to manage once getting used to it.

Chapter VIII. Miscellaneous Selection of Applications for Freelancers

Since it is impossible to mention every category of freelance work that requires the support of an application, the list below includes some other useful tools that freelancers can use in their everyday work:

Build fire website

Modern freelancers often need to develop apps for reasons such as starting up as entrepreneurs, building a customer base, or hiring an assistant.

Buildfire can be used for creating and customizing a mobile app in no time. A useful option offered by Buildfire is the ability to sync it with other major applications and social networks.

The best part:

The application allows its users to add custom HTML.


Despite the fact that proposals are always hard to compose, there is a solution to the issue: an app that can make them as less complicated and as pleasant as possible.

Proposify was created to offer struggling freelancers a simple design, an ability to measure their metrics, and the option to find new content that can be used as examples for proposals.

Importantly, the application allows for the efficient invoicing and CRM along with other tools for management that encourage business growth and tune the software to such growth.

Brand24 website

For those freelancers that work on product development and monitoring, this application was created to offer the convenience of over-the-clock brand monitoring.

Here’s the kicker:

The tool offers freelancers an all-rounded look into the most important metrics such as customer satisfaction and product sales through using just one app. The application can also be used for checking marketing analytics, receiving real-time alerts, export relevant data, conducting a sentiment analysis, and much more.

Dribbble screenshot

Since design is among the most popular occupations for freelancers, Dribble offers them an opportunity to build a profile and get noticed by potential employers. Through the website, a freelance designer will be able to showcase his or her latest work and provide a short resume to get a job.

Overall, Dribble is a useful freelance software that gets freelance designers closer to each other and to employers as well as allows them to build teams to work on future projects.

42. Streak

Streak website

The application is a Customer Relationship Management system designed for inboxes that take control of tracking important information regarding business leads, potential customers, and partners, as well as new projects directly from the Gmail inbox activities.

A user can just download Streak as an inbox extension and use it whenever needed.

Buffer app website

Both applications can be useful to freelancers who write social media post and have a schedule to follow.

Either Buffer or Hootsuite can be used for scheduling posts and sharing them based on the fixed schedule. A useful option is the ability to manage posts on several social media platforms at once, which is essential for those working in the sphere of social media management.

44. Slack

Slack website

This application has been initially developed to facilitate effective communication within teams. Freelancers can also use it in their work with clients.

The app works as follows: a user creates a profile and then asks others to join it to see only the channels and topics that are directly related to their projects. Importantly, a user can create as many channels as necessary.

The free version of the app is limited to a specific number of people involved in one project. Thus, the tool can be a solution for small teams of freelancers as well as individual freelancers who work with clients on long-term projects.

This article provided an extensive list of freelance apps and freelance websites that either help organize freelance work or offer tools for finding jobs or managing projects. While even more apps and websites can be added to this list, those mentioned are the most popular and highly rated.

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