Time Tracking Software: 10 Useful Tools For Freelancers

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Whether a freelancer needs to track time to bill clients or just keep up with deadlines, time tracking software is a useful tool that can significantly boost productivity. Since being aware of time is a tricky activity due to the range of distractions, many people working from home need extra help to stay focused.

How else is it useful?

Some freelancers may be always on the move and use multiple devices, so they need to be able to track time anywhere. This means that users need something cheap and simple, preferably with an easy-to-use interface. Luckily, web-based time trackers and smartphone applications are available for such occasions.

Stop being distracted, start working productively

Time management apps have been all the rage these days since so many people are getting distracted by the smallest things, especially with the growth of social media platforms that can suck you in.

Freelancers are currently under the most pressure since they work from home and are struggling to plan their work hours in a way that will be the most productive. If you are one of those people, you will find something to fit your needs from this list of top work hours trackers.

Check them out below.

The list of 10 top-notch time-trackers

toggl app

This app is insanely simple to use and is one of the easier time trackers. The problem with many applications for managing time is that they have a complicated interface that is hard to understand. If you don’t want the hassle of complicated features, give Toggl a go, and it won’t disappoint. It offers the most important elements included in standard time tracking programs and can be used effectively by teams that have no budget for overtime.

Brilliant, right?

2. Tick

tickspot app

With the new Chrome extensions available, this project planning tool has become one of the most popular apps to use—not only for tracking but also for managing time. It allows you to run multiple timers as well as receive feedback as to how much time you have left before you should submit a project.

It integrates with Basecamp for better project management through the use of online timesheets and time cards. The most convenient part is the option to install it on your Apple Watch so that you can keep up with your projects on the go.

harvest time tracking

If simple interfaces with only a couple of options available don’t cut it for you, this application may be the best option out there. It is definitely for professionals since it includes invoicing software, connectivity to your favorite tools, expense tracking, and immaculate customer support. The best part is that Harvest offers a range of payment options, from a free trial to a premium package, so everyone will find something for their situation.

cashboard screenshot

Here’s another excellent freelance tool with a time tracker and invoicing software. It is used by freelancers that have been in the business for a couple of years and value their time more than anything. Cashboard can save you a lot of time that you usually spend on paperwork, which is a bonus for anyone. Moreover, the features exceed those in regular time trackers and allow you to manage accounts, be on the same page with clients, produce estimates, and much more. If you’re stuck in a rut and need a way to get back on top of your game, check out Cashboard.

hubstaff screenshot

This app is for those freelancers that need as many features as possible to be in sync with their time. Apart from the standard options, this employee time tracking software allows you to see what workers are doing and how far they are from submitting an assignment. With additional options such as the employee payroll system and screenshot rates, Hubstaff is an excellent addition to your work, mainly if you care about your clients.

hours website

The name of the app speaks for itself. Hours tracker is a simple tool that does not include dozens of unnecessary options that only complicate things. Even Forbes called it the “perfect iPhone time-tracking app and a natural for the iWatch.” It features a streamlined interface with smart reminders and reports that make the tedious process of tracking time enjoyable. It is free for a limited time and then can cost you $6.99 a month, which is worth it considering how good the app is.

everhour website screenshot

What’s unique about this time management app is the format for creating entries. For example, you use an @ sign to indicate new projects and # for creating tags for them. Since social media has so many of you familiar with these symbols, using them to create entries seems intuitive. This app has a new Chrome extension, so there’s no need to leave web pages to track your time.

Cool, right?

timely app

This app combines two critical tools for tracking projects: schedules and timers. Essentially, your schedule is your timer, so you have all of your projects in one place and can see how much time you have remaining.

Compared to the apps mentioned above, this time log app is less up-to-date but can still get the job done. For your convenience, it is compatible with most basic invoicing software, so you can optimize your time and avoid wasting it on extra tasks.

Time Camp

Here’s project organizer software for teams that need to track their progress and see the contributions of different team members. It doesn’t include a bunch of extra features that can be distracting and disrupt the process of working in a group.

Other useful time-tracking software is available online, but the list above includes some that have been tried and tested by freelancers, as well as those that just like to keep up with their schedules.

If you haven’t paid attention to tracking your time before reading this article, then try to download a couple of the apps mentioned above to see what the fuss is all about. You may start by choosing something as simple as Hours, which has been praised by Forbes, and then work your way to much more advanced apps such as Cashboard. Just try it—you won’t regret it!

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Yasmine Lesse​

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