Top 30 Time Management Books: Hints and Summaries for Readers

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Time management is a skill that everyone has to develop effectively. It is not enough to know what time management is and when to think of it. It is more important to learn how to succeed at managing your time. Although different people may use different means to achieve this goal, reading is one of the easiest and most readily available methods. Still, reading may be boring if you choose the wrong book. So use this list of the top 30 time management books to help you make the right decision in just a few seconds.

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  1. 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think by Laura Vanderkam

    Do you know how much time you actually have? Do you need hints about how to organize your minutes properly? Vanderkam bases her story on personal experience and material taken from interviews. Young mothers and business beginners may find this book interesting because it uncovers the secrets of how achieve goals and not miss opportunities. Having children or facing personal uncertainties should not be an obstacle in business but rather a chance to overcome challenges and improve one’s life.

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  1. 18 Minutes by Peter Bregman
    If you’re searching for inspiration and want to fight distraction, Bregman’s 18 minutes timer is what you need. It inspires. It has been named one of the top time management books by many magazines. The author chooses a simple style of writing to help people deal with various activities. After reading the book, you will probably understand that there are no right or wrong things. There are only steps people take or don’t take to become successful.

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  1. Becoming the 1%: How to Master Productivity and Rise to the Top in 7 Days by Dennis Crosby
    You can either use the link or google “Becoming the 1%: How to Master Productivity and Rise to the Top in 7 Days” to find one of the best books on time management and productivity. If you are one of those who believe that your available time is never enough, this book is what you should read. Such people as Thomas Jefferson and Leonardo da Vinci also had 24 hours a day and managed to do and create so many unique and amazing things. Do you need more comparisons and hints on how to organize your life?

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  1. Control Your Stress & Manage Your Time! by Georgios Piperopoulos
    Do you believe that poor time management is the reason behind your stress? Read this book by Piperopoulos and learn how to deal with stress and manage your time. It teaches readers how to deal with the most difficult tasks and never regret decisions made.

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  1. Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World by Cal Newport
    Many rules have to be followed in the business world. People want to know how to change their lives with almost no effort. Cal Newport has created a guide for ordinary people on how to achieve extraordinary results. In this book, readers will find several powerful ideas on how deep work could change human lives in the current economic situation.

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  1. Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy
    Many people believe that Eat That Frog! is the best time management book ever introduced by Barnes and Noble. Three main reasons explain this fact. First, this book is available in different formats. You can find a print version as well as an audiobook, or simply read it online. Second, it is considered to be one of the best books on procrastination. All its techniques are easy to comprehend and use. Finally, the reader knows exactly what to expect from this book because a certain number of ideas (Eat That Frog! 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time) is listed right in the title.

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  1. First Things First by Stephen Covey
    Did you know that all tasks can be divided into just 4 main categories?
    • Important and urgent
    • Important and not urgent
    • Urgent and not important
    • Not urgent and not important

    This book gives you the chance to learn what is so special about each category. People spend most of their time dealing with several types of tasks and don’t always know how to sort them out correctly. Find a day or two to read these 300 pages and get answers that will help you set the right priorities.

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  1. Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
    Do you want something more interesting than just ordinary tips on time management for students? This book presents a unique combination of the various ethical, cultural, and psychological aspects of human life. The author improves the book with many short but informative stories about flow as an important state of the human mind. Besides, personal attitudes and specific terms will make the reader think that a real conversation with a professional psychologist is occurring through the lines of the book.

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  1. Getting Things Done by David Allen
    Many magazines call this book one of the time management books bestsellers. Do you know why? It’s because the unique methods developed by Allen help readers find new ways to deal with stress, relax, and still get everything done in time. Reading this book is not about education only. It is also about fun and mutual cooperation between the author and the reader.

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  1. How Did I Get So Busy? by Burton Valorie
    People cannot even imagine how often they say the word “busy.” Parents are too busy to play with their kids. Children are too busy in front of their computers to talk to their parents. Friends are busy with work. It is high time to redefine your priorities, and Valorie’s book is an excellent source to rely on. Simple writing, a 28-day timeline, and a helpful conclusion will open a new lifestyle for you. The creativity of this book has already impressed many readers; now it’s your turn to check out the contributions of the author!

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  1. How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age by Dale Carnegie
    It is not an easy mission to find good friends in our current digital world. People are so busy doing their routine work that they forget about the simple steps they could take to influence the world and people around them. In this book, some of the best time management tips are given to readers who want to improve their lives. The original version of this book was written at the beginning of the 1900s when powerful leaders appeared and helped countries move forward and develop.

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  1. In Praise of Slowness by Carl Honore
    Do you believe that time management is all about fast decisions and speed? The author of this book proves that speed is not the core of progress and success. Sometimes, it is better to take time and enjoy the moment. Honore helps readers comprehend that slowness is not a sin but rather a gift for people who want to manage their time properly. The author helps his audience find a healthy work-life balance in this 300+-page book.

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  1. No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs by Dan Kennedy
    This book is a good resource for current or potential entrepreneurs who want to know how to manage their time and achieve success. The author states that an entrepreneur’s time has its price. And it’s $340 per hour! Do you know why? In this book, you will find the answer to this question, as well as a detailed definition of “time vampires” and the power of self-discipline.

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  1. On the Shortness of Life by Seneca
    If you are fond of philosophical approaches to improving your life, you are welcome to read this essay by Seneca about the shortness of life. Instead of complaining about the meanness of human life, you should live every single day with dignity. In this book, you can find a number of helpful lessons on how to eradicate complaints from your life, deal with universal evil, become happy, and enjoy each day.

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  1. Organize Tomorrow Today by Jason Selk, Tom Bartow, and Matthew Rudy
    People spend far too much time thinking about their future. They forget that they live here and now. Of course, it is necessary to think about the future and make decisive steps towards your happiness and success. However, time management is what helps people enjoy the present and improve their future. The tips and advice given in such time management books are easy to read and comprehend. Many readers believe that this title is not appropriate or descriptive enough for such a splendid work. Share your opinion by reading it!

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  1. Organize Yourself by Kate Kelly
    Time management is all about rules for organizing your daily activities and controlling your personal space, money, papers, and time. In this book, the reader learns how to deal with common chaos, procrastination, and obligations that make people dependent on many things in their lives. Motivation is the core of the book.

  1. Priorities: Resources for Changing Lives by James C. Petty
    A life without a goal is boring and worthless. A life with excessive rules and restrictions is complicated and tedious. However, a goal can hardly be achieved without following certain rules. This book is the perfect guide on how to combine rules and goals and set priorities that help change lives for the better.

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  1. The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss
    Like it or not, life is time, and people should know how to spend it to their advantage. Time management is what makes our lives more interesting. Still, this task is complicated for many people, which is why the author encourages you to take 4 main steps:
    • Creating a definition of wants
    • Eliminating threats and illusions
    • Automating and motivating
    • Liberating the spirit

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  1. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey
    Do you face difficulties when dealing with the world around you? What do you know about honesty and integrity? Have you ever heard that people should develop just 7 habits to be effective? You can find the answers to these and many other questions in this book.

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  1. The 80/20 Individual by Richard Koch
    Some readers find this book nearly autobiographical because the author underlines issues that matter a lot in the lives of ordinary people. The book also teaches readers how to control their own lives and understand employment principles.

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  1. The Effective Executive by Peter F. Drucker
    This book has been hailed as one of the best books on leadership and management. Hints on how to choose contributions, mobilize personal strengths, and establish priorities are not the only lessons for the reader of this book.

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  1. The Now Habit: Overcoming Procrastination and Enjoying Guilt-Free Play by Neil Fiore
    This book is a helpful source of information on time management for college students. It contains interesting facts about procrastination, motivation, and organization. It is not only a revolutionary approach on how to deal with time, but it is also a guide on how to reflect on changes and defend your own personal interests.

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  1. The Power of Full Engagement by James E. Loehr
    In this book, several good hints on how to manage time, stress, and the recovery process are given in a simple and clear way. The unique feature of this book is the possibility to re-read it any time a difficult situation occurs or some doubts are preventing you from finding the solution to a problem.

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  1. The Power of Small: Why Little Things Make All the Difference by Robin Koval and Linda Thaler
    In this book, the authors develop a conversation about many different little things that matter in time management. Some people do not believe that such things as humor at work or a quick word spoken in the hall could change anything. This book discovers a new world of details that you cannot neglect.

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  1. The Productivity Habits: A Simple Approach to Become More Productive by Ben Elijah
    The world of business may be considerably improved with the help of such books as The Productivity Habits. Many businesspeople do not pay much attention to such factors as procrastination or stress. Therefore, they are at risk of being confused and disoriented one day. The development of productivity habits is what should be done to prevent this problem, and this book contains the guides.

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  1. The Skinny on Time Management: How to Maximize Your 24-Hour Gift by Jim Randel
    The Skinny on Time Management is a book with cartoons to help readers understand how to organize life, make decisions, and fight against procrastination and fear. One day is probably sufficient to read this book due to its friendly tone and evident intentions to motivate the reader.

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  1. The Time Diet Time Management for College Survival by Emily Schwartz
    Many time management books for college students can be found online. In fact, students often use the following format in their searches: “time management books pdf.” However, the results of this search may be frustrating. The Time Diet Time Management for College Survival is a better keyword for students to search. College life is never easy, and the professional tips given in this book may help students meet their deadlines, complete their tasks, and enjoy all of the opportunities currently available to them.

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  1. Time Management Magic: How to Get More Done Every Day and Move from Surviving to Thriving by Lee Cockerell
    The author of this book wants readers to believe in the magic that exists in time management. It is not enough to deal with stress, organize time, and help people achieve the goals they’ve set. It is necessary to survive each day and fight in order to prove your personal existence.

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  1. Time Warrior: How to Defeat Procrastination, People-Pleasing, Self-Doubt, Over-Commitment, Broken Promises, and Chaos by Steve Chandler
    Do you want to learn how to develop the best time management skills? It is not enough to be an ordinary person in order to effectively deal with daily business routines, is it? Do you need special armor to become a true time warrior? You are welcome to use the guide offered by Chandler in one of the top 10 time management books about people pleasing, self-doubt, and broken promises.

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  1. To Do List Makeover: A Simple Guide to Getting the Important Things Done by S.J. Scott
    It is hard to choose a favorite from the list of the best books on managing your time. Still, To Do List Makeover attracts its readers’ attention by successfully categorizing ideas and offering explanations based on personal experiences. Sometimes, readers don’t like it when someone teaches them, preferring to act as equal participants in the conversation instead. Scott offers just this opportunity.

You could spend hours googling such phrases as “principles of time management” or “Hindi language management tips.” But do you really need to take all those unnecessary and time-consuming steps?


You can neither predict the outcomes nor be sure that you’ll actually find what you need. It is high time to make a cup of hot tea or coffee with milk, turn on the light, and choose one of the books on self-discipline or best time management tips that we’ve offered in this list of amazing time management books.

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