Success Tricks: Top 100 Freelance Blogs to Find Inspiration

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Are you ready to become a freelance writer? Or maybe you are one, but striving for constant development and seeking for sources of inspiration because you lack ideas for better writing? There are numerous ways for self-development–books, scholarly articles, online courses, etc.

But here’s the trick:

None of the scholarly sources is as useful as personal experiences of those who managed to become a master of writing and make a living by freelancing.


Get acquainted with the top 100 freelance blogs that will help you to achieve whatever writing goal you desire to reach. Forget about hours of Internet search. Get straight into studying the best and most creative sources.

Find inspiration

  1. AdviceToWriters

    Looking for inspiration or lack motivation? This is one of the best freelance sites for writers because it offers daily advice and quotes that are both motivational and inspiring.

  1. Writing Thoughts

    Driven by only one contributor, this blog is a personal story of an experienced freelance writer–Laura Spencer. She shares her sources of inspiration and how she managed to make a living by writing.

  1. Goins, Writer

    Interested in a free newsletter and free eBooks? Check out this blog dedicated to developing strong writing skills.

    More than that:

    Learn how to increase your audience and boost client base that will be helpful for your writing career.

Goinswriter website screenshot

  1. Dana Prince Blog

    Dana Prince is another blogger sharing her personal story of becoming a freelance writer. Except for telling inspiring stories, she writes about communication with customers and other critical aspects of work from home.

  1. The Urban Muse

    This is one of the top 2016 blogs for freelance writers. Susan Johnson shares her story of becoming a successful writer and journalist. You are free to choose whether to miss it or try to draw a lesson from her experience.

  1. Dana Sitar

    It is another community of writers. The value of visiting this blog is an opportunity to study personal experiences of a fantastic person and creative author and find out what can keep you driven and inspired.

  1. She Writes

    Active members from all over the globe share their stories and inspiration tricks. Just in case, men are welcome.

Shewrites website

  1. CrazyLeaf Design

    What is unique about this blog is a multi-author basis of contributions. In this way, it is valuable because of different experiences and an opportunity to find the success story that most resembles yours to keep you driven and inspired.

  1. Blogging Basics 101

    Outstanding contributors to this blog will lead you down the path of becoming an experienced blogger. Don’t miss a chance to become educated starting from the most common mistakes to the best practices of getting back to work after holidays.

  1. Lisa Romeo Writes

    One of the general blogs on different aspects of writing. However, the author’s unique worldview and constant flow of useful writing links and sources will inspire you.

Lisa Romeo Writes blog

  1. Taneeka Blog

    Feeling discouraged? Don’t know where to start your freelance writer career? Visit this blog to get inspired and become aware of the most efficient tricks to get you going.

  1. Eva Deverell: Creative Writing Blog

    One of the most creative blogs for freelance writers teaching where to find inspiration and how to develop imagination. Learn how to write by reading the blogger’s stories and filling with enthusiasm from her personal experiences.

  1. The Writer’s Alley

    Have you ever dreamed of attending a resource café? Check out this wondrous blog to visit one.

Stop procrastinating and manage yourself

  1. Positive Writer

    Cannot carve out enough time for writing? Visit this website to become aware of the best practices for fighting procrastination as well as finding the list of freelance blog sites to read.

  1. Writers in the Storm

    Want to survive in the stormy surrounding of freelance writing? Don’t ignore the value of this blog covering various aspects of writing, especially the ways to fight procrastination and other similar challenges.

  1. Procrastiwriter

    Do you want to know what the best excuse for procrastination is? Browsing this blog will help you realize that there are none and will give you a motivational punch to start writing.

Procrastiwriter website

  1. Success from the Nest

    Freelance writing is often associated with procrastination related to the necessity to work from home. This is one of the best freelance blogs to visit to find out how to make your home a comfortable place to work at and avoid tempting procrastination.

  1. Elizabeth Spann Craig

    You might wonder why to read this blog if it is dedicated to book writing and character development.

    The answer is simple:

    The author shares valuable tips for fighting procrastination and remaining creative.

  1. Buffer Social

    As the newest technologies are deeply integrated into our everyday lives, learn to take advantages of them. Visit this blog to find out how to organize your work, meet the deadlines, and boost productivity.


  1. write now! coach

    Yes, this website focuses on book writing. But no, it is not limited to this topic. The blog is a source of efficient techniques for fighting procrastination and ensuring flawless writing process.

  1. Erika Napoletano

    You aren’t a chicken, are you? Why not browse one of the most resourceful blogs for writers teaching how to stop procrastinating and start writing and find the ways to develop your talent?

Erika Napoletano website screenshot

  1. reedsy

    Cannot find inner power to become motivated? Visit this blog and check what contributors offer for developing a writing habit and perfecting your craft. You will love it.

Improve your writing skills

  1. Sark eMedia

    The most remarkable advantage of this freelance blog is an opportunity to take a 30-day freelance challenge to improve writing skills and to survive in the world of freelance writing.

  1. Christina Katz

    One of the writer’s blog sites that offers training and classes for improving writing skills as well as career opportunities.

  1. Upwork Blog

    One of the significant freelance blogging websites for developing presice writing skills. Time management and productivity tips, designing an adequate schedule, and other relevant information to help you grow and develop.


    Do you want to become a confident writer? Then, don’t ignore this blog dedicated to the most helpful writing tips. Yolander Prinzel pays significant attention to avoiding grammatical mistakes–one of the most critical stumbling blocks in writing.

FreeLanceWriterVille main page screenshot

  1. Live Write Thrive

    A collection of great posts on different aspects of writing including writing techniques, editing, and revisions as well as dozens of external sources.

  1. Write to Done

    This is one of the most valuable writing blogs to achieve perfection in your craft. Practice and some small secrets are the keys to success.

    Want to know more?

    Read this blog.

  1. Fab Freelance Writing

    This is a valuable source based on both personal experiences and educational materials. The primary contributor, writer Angela Booth, posts both links to useful eBooks and thought-provoking articles and interviews.

  1. Society of Professional Journalists

    Another community of freelance writers. Although the focus is made on journalism, there are some valuable archives to browse to improve writing skills and become a powerful writer.

Society of Professional Journalists website screenshot

  1. Copywriting That Sells High Tech Blog

    Although this blogging site is dedicated to copywriting in the first place, there are numerous entries aimed at teaching to develop necessary writing skills such as vocabulary and sharing helpful sources of information.

  1. Writers Write

    Another website for sharing insights on effective writing techniques and finding formal opportunities for becoming a professional freelance writer. Courses, guidelines, and books are a minimum that can be found on this site.

  1. Kill Zone

    One of the newest freelance blogs for writers covering the latest news in publishing and the latest writing techniques.

  1. Writers Helping Writers

    Although this website is dedicated to descriptive writing, it offers some valuable sources of information such as the importance of rich vocabulary, efficient workflow, and criticality of revisions.

Writers Helping Writers website

  1. Lisa’s Blog on Writing

    This is a website offering sessions on successful writing and productive skills. Professional writers will share their expertise with you. Don’t miss such a chance.

  1. Pikes Peak Writers

    This is a community of writers aimed at educating people and helping them to develop adequate writing skills. Either you lack the knowledge of rules or don’t know how to make writing flawless, this blog will help you self-improve.

  1. Writing.Rocks

    One of the freelance websites dedicated to the power of writing. Learn to construct sentences properly by solving weekly challenges.

  1. Daily Freelance Writing Tips

    This is a practical freelancing blog. Chesley Maldonado shares personal experience and insights on common mistakes and myths related to freelance writing that will make you more organized.

Daily Freelance Writing Tips website

  1. The Creative Penn

    Another awesome blog to read. A ton of helpful articles on marketing, writing tricks, entrepreneurial aspects of freelance writing, and marketing.

  1. Word Count

    Michelle Rafter speculates on the specificities of freelance writing in the digital age. What is extraordinary about this blog is the reference to other writing blogs and sources. In this way, the website is a database of valuable information.

  1. Walden University Writing Center Blog

    Interested in academic writing? Make sure to visit this blog and get acquainted with peculiarities of different types of papers, instructions, and citation styles.

Walden University Writing Center Blog website

  1. Quinn Creative

    Powerful writing is not only about practice. It is as well about strong communication skills. Learn how to develop them and find other valuable pieces of advice while browsing this blog.

  1. Inkthinker

    It is a must-read blog for everyone who wants to become a freelance writer. The contributor shares her insight on productivity, arranging workplace, communicating with clients, and other technical aspects of freelance writing.

  1. The Write Practice

    It’s no secret that reaching perfection requires practice. This is one of the most creative writing blogs to read if you do want to become a confident and a powerful writer. Lessons, writing prompts, and useful articles are a must to have a look at.

  1. About Editing and Writing

    Do you want to become a professional? Check out this personal blog on technical aspects of writing.

Grammar? Yes, please

  1. Daily Writing Tips

    One more blogging site to find daily tips at. The contributors address grammar rules, vocabulary, punctuation—these and other areas of language and writing.

  1. Grammar Girl

    Successful writing is about confidence. However, achieving that without the knowledge of grammar rules is impossible. Once you visit this blog, you’ll find one of the best blog sites to read.

Get unstuck and move on

  1. The Writing Whisperer

    To get unstuck and become a powerful writer, you need a friend. Shannon Hernandez offers help and shares prompts for overcoming a deadlock in writing.

  1. Anywired

    An essential blog for self-employed interested in different areas of writing, it describes the most significant stages of the writing process. Make sure to study them to never stop self-developing.

  1. Productive Flourishing

    If you found yourself stuck, make sure to read one of the greatest freelance blogging sites and learn how to boost productivity and become creative.

  1. The Write Conversation

    Face it: to become a successful freelance writer, you should know how to integrate the newest technologies in your craft. The author teaches how to achieve this objective as well as shares some valuable writing tips and prompts.

  1. The Review Review

    Cannot find an appropriate journal? Want to know what are the most reputable magazines to use for writing? Make sure to visit this blog to find answers to these questions.

Writing as a business?

  1. All Freelance Writers

    This is one of the greatest blogs for freelancers. The founder Jennifer Mattern shares the best practices for turning writing into lifework.

  1. Freelance Folder

    This blog is dedicated to boosting productivity and improving client satisfaction. Want to know everything about the process automation and customer interaction? Check this one right now.

  1. Be a Freelance Blogger

    Another interesting blog to visit. The contributors offer realizable pieces of advice as well as the options for training and coaching. Either a professional freelance writer or a beginner, you will find valuable information on browsing it.

  1. Alexis Grant

    Writing is not only about creativeness but also about business. Learn how to make money with your talent and arrange all business-related matters properly.

Alexis Grant website screenshot

  1. Sarah Peck

    Sarah Peck teaches how to use the newest technologies and creative ideas for improving writing and making it a lifework. Definitely, one of the best blog sites to visit for those who do not know how to transform passion into money.

  1. Men with Pens

    It’s an extensive archive of prompts and articles that help to learn how to attract attention to your work. It’s not only about freelance blogging but other areas of creative craft as well. Come on, women are welcome.

  1. Untamed Writing

    To go freelance, you might need to understand basic business and writing concepts. This website offers courses and prompts for becoming a money-attracting writer.

Untamed Writing screenshot

  1. Artic Llama Blog

    Success is about cooperation between a client and a freelance writer. Right? Visit this platform connecting freelancers and their hirers to find out what improves the performance and helps to organize work.

  1. LittleZotz Writing

    This is a valuable collection of free eBooks and posts teaching how to turn writing talent into the business.

  1. Freelance Writing Tips

    Another blogging site dedicated to the organization of working process and flawlessness of work. Deadlines, communication, and time management are all addressed in this blog.

  1. The Middle Finger Project

    This is a valuable source teaching how to handle conflicts with difficult clients and get paid for your work (with a focus on writing and other creative craft).

The Middle Finger Project website

  1. renegade writer press

    Building business as a freelance writer is not always dependent upon business concepts. Individuality and uniqueness are what works the best. This website will help to understand the role of creativity in doing business.

  1. Mirasee

    This freelance blog focuses on business and marketing aspects of freelance writing jobs addressing such areas as advertising, branding, and making your writing readable.

  1. Social Triggers

    Another website aimed at understanding psychological aspects of business and writing and incorporating social behavior into freelance strategies.

Social Triggers website

  1. Social Media Examiner

    Doing business is about popularizing your content. Learn how to stand out in a crowd of other freelancers, lead social media accounts and attract more clients by reading this blog.

  1. The Self-Employed

    This blog is one of top 2016 blogs for freelancers. Even though it is dedicated to different areas of creative craft, it will help to become aware of the most productive marketing and business strategies to make your talent work.

  1. Helping Writers Become Authors

    Want to become a successful author? Don’t miss a chance to read this blog. Whether writing a book or an article, this website is a comprehensive source of valuable information for writers.

Helping Writers Become Authors website screenshot

  1. Freelancedom

    Does business have to be tedious and too severe? Not necessarily. Check out this blog to become aware of the key freelance business concepts described funnily and originally.

  1. Certified Freelance

    Do you want to understand freelance-related legal matters that often stop others from quitting their daily jobs? Make sure to check out this blog and find the latest and most relevant information on certification of earnings and other technical issues related to freelance writing jobs.

  1. High-Income Business Writing

    This website addresses the peculiarities of building your business online. Do you think a freelance writer does not need this knowledge? Wrong. It is the foundation of your future career.

High Income Business Writing website screenshot

  1. Smart Blogger

    This is another comprehensive guide to freelance writing. Business aspects of freelance, writing tips, inspiration, and motivation tricks can all be found here.

  1. The Write Life

    Looking for a comprehensive source of information? Check out this website to get acquainted with various aspects of freelance writing from the very concept of freelancing to the most efficient business and marketing strategies.

  1. Pen and Prosper

    This is not only a blog on freelancing and writing skills but also an Upwork website to help you find you first freelance writer position and find out how freelancing works.

Going freelance?

  1. The Anti 9-to-5 Guide

    Thinking of quitting your day job and becoming a freelancer? This blog will become a starting point in your new career.

  1. Side Hustle Nation

    The most astounding thing about this website is an opportunity to read and listen to the interviews of creative entrepreneurs, and to find inspiration and motivation to overcome fears and go freelance.

  1. About Freelance Writing

    Want to know what is unique about this website? It offers real ways for going freelance–Upwork blogs and opportunities for freelance blogging jobs. Make sure to check it out.

About Freelance Writing website

  1. Get Paid to Write Online

    Sharon Hall, a freelance writer, speaks about the basics of business operations and client interaction in freelance writing. She will teach you how to achieve success and make money with your talent.

  1. Funds for Writers

    Another blogging site that enlists writing jobs for freelancers as well as practical prompts for going freelance.

  1. Freelancers Union

    It is more a community than a freelance blog. Still, you will find some useful connections with local employees and valuable articles teaching how to make money.

Freelancers Union community

  1. Leaving Work Behind

    The best way to overcome fear and go freelance is to study the experience of those who managed to quit their day jobs and go online. This blog is just one example to check.

  1. My Freelance Life

    Williesha Morris shares her stories to help others fight back their doubts and fears and build a fruitful freelance writing career.

  1. Productive Writers

    Try to work smarter, not harder. Visiting one of the most useful freelance writing blogs, you will find out how to achieve this goal and earn more by making less effort.

Productive Writers screenshot of website

  1. Scratch

    This is a digital magazine that shares personal stories of success and interviews with successful freelance writers. Check it out to find inspiration and become acquainted with their secrets.

  1. Writers in Charge

    Ready to go freelance? Find platforms for freelance blogging and a list of Upwork platforms that do pay for your work.

  1. The Story of Telling

    Sometimes, writers ignore the criticality of business and marketing in becoming a successful freelancer. This blog teaches how to sell your work and write stories and articles that create values.

The-Story of Telling website screenshot

  1. Ask Allison

    This is both a blog and a platform for open communication with a bestselling author as well as other freelance writers. The website is a perfect opportunity to seek inspiration and become an experienced freelancer.

  1. The Editor’s Blog

    This blog is dedicated to peculiarities of freelance writing and ways to turn it into a productive business. More than that, it offers sources for freelance editors (as an option for developing additional freelancing skills).

  1. Write This Moment

    Looking for a list of paying websites or need insights on peculiarities of freelance writing? This blog offers both.

  1. Inkwell Editorial

    If you don’t know where to start your freelance career, check out the most useful writing blogs dedicated to freelancing. Some great eBooks are supplemented with astonishing courses and challenges to make you feel driven.

Inkwell Editorial website screenshot

  1. Publishing… and Other Forms of Insanity

    Freelance writing often leads people to the publishing. And self-publishing can be a challenging task. To become aware of common challenges and tricks, this blog is a must-read.

  1. Make A Living Writing

    Another writer-led freelance blog made up of around 700 posts on freelancing, developing new skills, and platforms for finding jobs and communicating.

  1. The International Freelancer

    This is one of the international Upwork sites serving as platforms for freelance employment around the globe. The value of this blog is the opportunity to trace global requirements to freelance writing and become more experienced as well as to find a job as a freelance writer.

  1. Elna Cain

    Another personal blog dedicated to benefits of becoming a freelance writer. The value of this blog is its vast archive of sources that will definitely make your freelancing flawless and help to understand the existing gaps.

Finding work-life balance

  1. Aliventures

    Don’t forget about personal life matters. Visit this blogging site to find out how to become a successful freelance writer and have enough time for your family.

  1. eMoms at Home

    Finding the balance between work and personal life, especially freelancing and parenting, is challenging. Visit this particular blog to get acquainted with freelance writing tricks to remain productive in all spheres of life.

  1. At Home Mom Fashion Blog

    One of the most helpful blogs for freelance writers dedicated to organizing your home workplace, and combining parenting and freelance writing functions successfully.

At Home Mom Fashion Blog website

  1. A Vocational Duality: Motherhood and Freelancing

    Don’t know how to keep focused on both family and freelancing? Do you lack multitasking skills? This blog is a source of valuable tricks and prompts to help you overcome similar challenges.

  1. Fullest Mom

    This blog is a source of valuable and helpful information on arranging work-related matters if you are a freelancer. And mom.

Final thoughts

Freelance writing is a challenging experience.

  • Managing to work from home
  • Facing with tons of technical and business aspects of freelancing
  • Finding the right work-life balance accompanied by loneliness and nervousness

are the most common challenges.

Still, you might easily overcome them by finding colleagues online and making a lesson of their success stories and personal experiences. Take a look at the list of top 100 freelance blogs for writers including the greatest and most helpful blogging websites.

Don’t miss a chance of becoming an expert and build a career of your dream! Work from home and make money with your talent.

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