100 Google Chrome Extensions: Facilitate Your Freelancing Work

How much time do you waste searching Google for apps, tips, and tricks that will help you make the most of your freelancing experience? Or do you prefer relying on traditional methods and still use paper dictionaries?

Here’s a trick:

You can boost your efficiency without even leaving your browser! Google App Store has thousands of tools that will make your work faster and easier. This article will highlight 100 Google Chrome extensions that you can install for successful freelancing. No priority is given to any of the extensions; they are listed in alphabetical order.

  1. AdBlock

    One of the best extensions for Chrome, which removes all distraction by blocking irrelevant pop-up and context ads. Now you can stay focused on the content of the website.

  1. Any.do

    Any.do rates among the top Chrome add-ons dealing with scheduling. You can attach new notes, rearrange items, and even transform your emails into work tasks. iPhone and Android browser extensions are also available.

Any.do Extension screenshot

  1. Assistant.to

    If your freelancing experience involves meeting people, Assistant.to will make your scheduling much more structured. With this time tracker, you will always find the best meeting availability for both you and your client.

  1. Authy

    Authy is a mobile app that you can download as an extension if you have concerns about the security of the online sites you visit. With Authy, you can enable a two-factor authentication that will protect your data.

  1. Auto Text Expander

    Another one on the list of must-have tools for writers. It will give you the ability to configure shortcuts for any word or phrase. This can help you out when you have to meet writing deadlines.

  1. Awesome Screenshot

    If you use the screenshot function for saving images for your writing, you can edit and annotate them with the help of this extension.

Awesome extension Screenshot

  1. Bitly

    In 2017, it’s embarrassing to use long links on your blog or in business emails. Bitly is an extension every freelancer must have. Create short links, save, and share your content without leaving the browser!

  1. Blipshot

    A useful extension for web-designers and translators. If your customer wants to know how your work for them is progressing, just push Blipshot button and take a screenshot of the browser.

  1. Boomerang for Gmail

    This is one of the best tools for freelancers when it comes to correspondence with customers. You can schedule your letters to arrive in your client’s mailbox exactly when you need. Besides, you can control your own invoicing and follow-ups.

  1. Buffer

    If you like scheduling your updates to social networks or need to share information with clients, you can install Buffer on your toolbar to show them what page you are reading.

Buffer extension screenshot

  1. Cently (Coupons at Checkout)

    Have no time for shopping when you work? Cently will show you goods available from more than 600 retailers. Now, you don’t need time management techniques to find a minute for fashion.

  1. Checker Plus for Gmail

    Do you have several Gmail accounts for your work? If so, Checker Plus is the ultimate solution. It lets you access any of your accounts, and it will even read your mail to you.

  1. Chrome Notepad

    This is the quickest way to write down your ideas when they strike you without leaving the browser.

  1. Chrome Remote Desktop

    It is not a rare case that you have to take a break from solo project management and work on a team. So, you may need to share your partner’s computer from a distance. None of the tools is easier to use than this one. Desktop will even let you use your chrome extension android app.

  1. Chrono Download Manager

    If you already have online storage, you can quickly download, upload, and share your files with Chrono Download Manager.

  1. Click & Clean

    You can clear all your data with one click. Click & Clean provides immediate access to cash, cookies, and extensions. Moreover, you can test how well you are protected.

Click and cean extension screenshot

  1. ColorZilla

    If your job involves graphic design, this extension is for you. It is an eye-dropper that allows you to get color data from any site whatsoever without having to use other applications.

  1. DayBoard New Tab and Site Blocker

    A very convenient way to transform your tab into a schedule with 5 major issues prioritized on the agenda.

  1. Diigo Web Collector

    Striving for personal and professional development? Diigo will let you bookmark, store, and comment on all the information you consider useful for your job.

  1. Disconnect

    Working online, you often waste time because the speed of the connection is slowed down by side cookies from media and ads following your cache. Disconnect will speed you up.

/Disconnect extension screenshot

  1. Docs Online Viewer

    It is extremely time-consuming to download presentations and PDFs. Now you can forget about it: just install this add-on and open your docs in the browser.

  1. Draft

    Need to do calculations and take notes on what you are reading? Turn your tab into a board! Draft will ensure that you don’t forget anything. Add or delete the information anytime.

  1. Dropbox for Gmail

    The extension makes you more efficient and flexible as you can access and share stored files from any location. The only thing is that its free storage has a particular limit.

  1. DuckDuckGo for Chrome

    Some freelancing jobs online result in severe privacy concerns. DuckDuckGo search does not track your history as meticulously as Google does, which is a good reason to install this extension.

DuckDuckGo chrome extension screenshot

  1. Empty New Tab Page

    If you work with tabs, this extension will let you get a new blank page for inserting your information.

  1. Evernote Web Clipper

    App developers managed to create an extension that is quick, simple, and much more popular than complex programs. When you come across something interesting that you can use in your article, you won’t have to open Google Drive or Evernote to save the source. All you need is click a button, and the link saves automatically.

  1. Feedly Subscribe Button

    This is a perfect aggregator of content that unites all the news sources that you use during the day. You just need to find the content for your work and save it to your account.

  1. FullContact for Gmail & Inbox

    If you have to get in touch with a lot of people daily and have a hard time synchronizing and arranging your contact lists, use Full Contact account for bridging your multiple address books and stay connected.

FullContact for Gmail Inbox extension screenshot

  1. Full Page Screen Capture

    Sometimes, it is not enough to screen what you see–you have to send your customer the entire page including the parts that do not show up. Full Page Screen Capture is the best way to do that.

  1. Gmelius for Gmail & Inbox

    Google app developers are sure that they know what users need. However, some innovations may seem irritating. So, if you want to restore an old interface, just install Gmelius (which is also available for several other browsers).

  1. Google Dictionary


    Do you use Google for the meaning of an unknown word? Extention Dictionary is the simplest way to find it. You highlight the word and get its definition.

  1. Google Hangouts

    Sometimes, you need to discuss something with your clients urgently, which is possible with this chat feature that appears on any site you visit.

Google Hangouts extension screenshot

  1. Google Translate

    Need documents that exist in another language besides your own? Google Translate will identify what language your document is written in and translate the page into any other language you want.

  1. Google Play Books

    To stay competitive, you need to develop your skills and read professional literature. This add-on will tell you where you can buy books you want.

  1. Url Shortener

    If you need to share a shortened URL when you create an article or a post, you can click this Chrome extension and instantly create it without having to visit any other website.

  1. Google Voice

    Although many users have already switched to Google Hangouts, there are still a lot of fans of classical Google Chrome extensions like voicemail service. It provides access to your contact, voicemails, and their transcriptions.

  1. Grammarly for Chrome

    Grammarly Spell Checker is among the best Google Chrome apps if you are involved in blogging or copywriting. It will help you edit your document and avoid grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and stylistic mistakes.

Grammarly for Chrome

  1. Hootsuite Hootlet

    This extension is a powerful tool that will assist you in managing your interaction with clients and co-workers. It is a perfect social media manager that will give you a sense of control.

  1. Hotspot Shield VPN Free Proxy – Unblock Proxy

    If you need to write where you want, you can try Hotspot Shield that will give you access to blocked websites.

  1. Hover Zoom

    If you have to work with images, you may get frustrated because lots of them are of a thumbnail size. Hover Zoom makes it possible to see the full-size picture when you mouse over it.

  1. Image Downloader

    Need all the images from a site? Just push a button, and the extension will show you everything available on the page. You can specify which ones should be included in the bulk download.

Image Downloader extension screenshot

  1. Incredible StartPage

    When you begin your browsing session, you can save time using Incredible StartPage which will show your bookmarks and pages you have recently viewed. Besides, you can choose from beautiful Google backgrounds.

  1. Kami – PDF and Document Markup

    Kami is literally one of the most convenient freelancer tools when it comes to working with PDFs. There are lots of options: you can add comments, add and underline pieces of the document, insert visuals and signatures, and more.

  1. LastPass: Free Password Manager

    If you have to register on different websites, LastPass will save you the time required for filling out registration forms. You can also import your passwords saved by other extensions.

  1. Typio Form Recovery

    Are you in a hurry to meet a deadline and have to fill out a form to upload your article to the site? It has happened to all of us: an error occurs suddenly, and you have to start over. Lazarus will save all your information so you will not waste time when this happens. Appropriate for education and work.

  1. Lightshot (screenshot tool)

    Lightshot rates highly among the most popular apps for freelance jobs. If you have to use Google books, you may need to copy the text into your document. With Lightshot, you can screen any selected part of the web-page, which can be immediately uploaded and shared.

  1. Lookup Companion for Wikipedia

    Wikipedia is currently the most frequently addressed encyclopedia on the Internet. If you need to access it many times throughout the day, you can install LookUp Companion for a direct search of Wikipedia articles.

Lookup Companion for Wikipedia extension screenshot

  1. Mailvelope

    A perfect way to secure your emails with the help of ciphering. You can use it for Gmail, Outlook, Posteo, Yahoo!, and GMX. Encrypt the texts of emails and attached files before sending.

  1. MakeGIF Video Capture

    If you need GIFs for your site or presentation, you can capture any HTML5-based clip with MakeGIF Video Capture.

  1. Mind Meister Quick Access

    This is one of the must-have tools for writers.

    This is amazing:

    You can even write your own book with it. You simply put down your ideas and see how they are organized in a mind map that you can use as a structure.

Mind Meister Quick Access extension screenshot

  1. Noisli

    To maintain concentration, you can hardly listen to music or watch TV. This add-on will create an ambient noise that will help you focus on your task. There are a variety of options to choose from.

  1. OneNote Web Clipper

    This one is similar to EverNote–you can save everything you see online. So, just choose the one that you like best.

OneNote Web Clipper chrome extension screenshot

  1. OneTab

    Working on a task, you often need to access a lot of pages simultaneously, which makes your browser slow down. This extension will unite all the links in one cluster.

  1. PDF Viewer

    Save your time signing documents, taxes, and contracts. With PDF Viewer, there’s no need to print them out, sign, and scan again.

  1. PicMonkey Extension

    Thinking about creating your own website for work? Attract potential clients with great graphics without having to take lessons in Photoshop.

  1. Pinterest Save Button

    Have you often tried to find the original image on Pinterest and failed? With this tool, you can save a lot of time being directed right to the resource that you need.

  1. Pixlr Editor

    Need quality photos? Use this photo editor for quick correction of image defects. Do not waste your time on learning how to operate complex programs.

Pixlr Editor Extension screenshot

  1. Plus for Trello

    This time management add-on allows you to move tasks from the “in-progress” to the “completed” board, setting time limits for each task that you have to do.

  1. Polly Lingual

    No matter if you already earn your living in the field of translation or are attempting to acquire a new language for your job, Lingualy will be a helpful tool. It enlarges your vocabulary with tests, recommendations, articles, and more. Multiple languages are available.

  1. Print Friendly & PDF

    You can easily convert webpages into PDF, edit them before sending to print or remove redundant parts and ads.

Print Friendly and PDF extension screenshot

  1. Project Naptha

    Dealing with translations, rewriting and copywriting, you often encounter texts within images that you have to screen. Naptha is the perfect solution to the problem as it allows copying and editing the text.

  1. Pushbullet

    Notifications are significant both on your computer and smartphone. Pushbullet extension aligns your notification with what you receive on iOS or Android including calls.


    Do you need to quote someone else’s work that supports your point? Quotes is not hard to navigate, and the design is pleasant to the eye.

Quotes extension screenshot

  1. Rapportive

    Do you have lots of emails from customers and often wonder who emailed you? Now you can have a sidebar for every message that shows you all the info about the sender which you can access later.

  1. Reading Time

    Readism is surely on the list of Chrome extensions that are worth having if you have to read a lot of material during your workday. It shows you how long it will take to read an article, which simplifies time planning.

  1. Related Content by Zemanta

    This extension is quite universal and available for almost all browsers and OSes. It helps you add images and links from various content sites to your article.

Related Content by Zemanta extension screenshot

  1. RescueTime for Chrome & ChromeOS

    Rescue Time can be named among the most useful add-ons for Google Chrome if you suffer from procrastination. The extension estimates how much time you spend on a site and creates a report.

  1. Save to Google Drive

    Same as Dropbox, Google Drive serves as a storage place for your documents, pictures, charts, and whatever you need.

  1. Save to Pocket

    If you need to read an article your customer sent but have no time to do it immediately, you can save it to your Pocket account and come back to it later. The technology allows you to stay up-to-date on all the current events.

  1. Screencastify

    Do you need to make a video clip without any additional software? Screencastify will save your video to YouTube or any cloud storage.

  1. Scrible Toolbar

    If you work on a team, you can use this extension to annotate and share a good source with your peers. It’s a useful extension for students and freelance workers.

  1. Secure Mail for Gmail

    If our correspondence with clients is highly confidential, you can apply this extension for encrypting your messages and setting a password.

Secure Mail for Gmail extension screenshot

  1. Send to Kindle for Google Chrome

    Freelance writing jobs usually require reading large amounts of text, which is much easier with your Kindle device. Here is the kicker: you can transform articles into the required format and send them directly to the reader.

  1. Session Buddy

    With its 5-star rating, it often appears on the list of best Chrome extensions 2016. Session Buddy manages your tabs the best way possible allowing you to recover them, save for later, put in one place, share, or do whatever you want.

  1. Share with Facebook, Twitter, Google+

    When you are not a fan of informing people about your everyday experience and need only Facebook for sharing your work information, this simple extension will be of great use.

  1. Select and Speak – Text to Speech

    It is not uncommon for freelancers to have problems with their eyes because they have to look at the screen for a long time. Use SpeakIt, and it will give your eyes the rest they deserve. SpeakIt! will read the text aloud (male/female voice option is included).

  1. SMS from Gmail ™ & Facebook ™

    Freelancing jobs for beginners are usually connected with the stress of communication with clients. You have to learn to provide immediate feedback. MightyText shows your messages in the browser so that you can react immediately.

  1. Speedtest by Ookla

    No matter if you work with texts, pictures, or software development, you inevitably have to download some material from the Internet. This extension will test your download and upload speeds and estimate how the performance is affected by visiting different sites.

Speedtest by Ookla extension screenshot

  1. StayFocused

    You can indicate the websites that you want to block. As soon as the set time limit is up, the add-on will block the site on the list.

  1. Stylish – Custom themes for any website

    This one is not a working tool, but it can certainly improve your browsing experience and even facilitate a search by providing a beautiful and convenient interface.

  1. TabCloud

    Need to use your tabs on several devices? Revive and save them wherever you want with TabCloud.

  1. Taco

    Do not be fooled by the funny name. In fact, this is far from the funniest chrome extensions. On the contrary, Taco is a powerful productivity booster. It provides a central location for listing all your apps and notifications, which makes categorizing and prioritizing much simpler.

Taco extension screenshot

  1. TeamSync Bookmarks

    When you need to share information with your peers through social networks, you can forget about copy-paste as this is the perfect platform for sharing. In the settings, you can add a private folder for bookmarks, and share it with any group of people.

  1. The Great Suspender

    One of the best chrome add-ons for those freelancers who deal with tabs that consume a lot of memory. The extension saves resources unloading the tab that can be reloaded later.

  1. Power Thesaurus

    This is a perfect freelancer tool for copywriters as it helps to find the most suitable word for the context. You won’t have to spend time reformulating your ideas.

  1. TickTick – Todo & Task List

    Do you have difficulties trying to understand all the endless options of time managers? This tool is simple and yet reliable. It allows you to arrange your schedule, synchronize several devices, and add new tasks for example.

  1. TimeOut

    When multitasking is no longer manageable, you can try the Pomodoro technique provided by TimeOut. It is all about working for 25 minutes, then have a 5-minute break followed by a longer pause for about 15 minutes.

Timeout extension screenshot

  1. Toggl Button: Productivity & Time Tracker

    In case you still have doubts about the choice of a time-tracking tool, you should opt for Toggl as it surely stands above all the rest. Moreover, it features a long list of various integrations and more than 70 tools you can use.

  1. TrackDuck tool for visual feedback

    This one is especially useful for designers who need visual feedback from their clients as it is often challenging to understand a task from the list of instructions. Improving your feedback, you can avoid mistakes and achieve better results.

  1. TweetDeck

    If you are comfortable using Twitter for posting your schedule and links, TweetDeck will help you manage your account easier.

TweetDeck extension screenshot

  1. Video DownloadHelper

    One more extension that helps you download a video that you are working with. However, this one goes beyond YouTube and supports many sites.

  1. Web Developer

    Web Developer rates among the best tools for freelance designers with a huge amount of options including the ability to make responsive layouts, disable styles, and more.

  1. Web Timer and Timer

    This extension provides you with a chart to track how you spent your workday. This way you can put additional tasks into your schedule and always stay productive.

  1. WikiWand: Wikipedia Modernized

    To facilitate your work with Wikipedia, you can improve its design with WikiWand. It optimizes the content and lets you customize images and fonts.

Wikiwand Wikipedia Modernized extension screenshot

  1. WiseStamp – Email Signatures for Gmail

    The extension allows creating your email signature that can be connected to all social networks and will make you look incredibly professional.

  1. WOT: Web of Trust, Website Reputation Ratings

    Freelancers usually rely on WOT in their browsing experience. It rates sites according to trust factor, showing those that have a poor reputation before you even enter them.

  1. Writer

    The most significant advantage of Writer is the ability to work offline, saving your documents automatically. What’s more, you can choose backgrounds and fonts, count words, and transform the text into PDF.

  1. Wunderlist

    One more way to create a to-do list that can be synchronized with different devices. There is also a function to generate notifications and keep track of your progress.

Wunderlist Chrome Panel extension screenshot

  1. EverSync

    Google Chrome Web Store is filled with various apps that allow synchronizing bookmarks, setting, passwords, and other personal information. However, this one has a distinct advantage making it possible for you to sync all your browsers.

  1. Zotero Connector

    Zotero is on the list of the best chrome extensions for students, researchers, and freelance writers. It allows you to track and share quotations with your peers.

Being a freelancing specialist is definitely a great job no matter what field you work in. It gives you a lot of freedom to organize your work the best way for you. That is why it is highly essential to have all the necessary tools at your disposal to enhance your productivity and make your workflow smooth and pleasurable.

Google Chrome extensions may help you:

  • Organize your schedule
  • Work with documents
  • Check grammar and spelling
  • Manage tabs
  • Secure your browsing history
  • Save time when you buy books and other things online
  • Get in touch with your customers
  • Edit images and videos, and actually do whatever you want

Install them right now, and you will be more efficient and successful in your future freelance experience.

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