Top 100 Freelance Job Sites: Find the Best Job Opportunities

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Freelancing has become astonishingly popular nowadays. Have you heard all those people bragging that they are wild and free and can travel with their freelancing job?

Are you looking for the same experience?

Well, here is something interesting for you.

Our new rating of freelance job sites may help you find your dream work opportunity. Explore general or specialized freelance sites and find challenging projects. In the list below, you’ll also find sites that provide additional materials such as writing tips or career advice.

1. Upwork

upwork freelance website

With this resource, you can find any freelance job. Whether you are looking to take on a job or are aiming to find a talented worker, you can easily browse for fresh opportunities. Here you can embark on writing a blog article or pick up some ongoing web development projects. You can also receive payments through the site.

2. Freelancer

Freelancer is a platform where you can compete with others. Here you can prove yourself to be the best freelancer by properly organizing and presenting your portfolio. Unsurprisingly, this site is mentioned on many lists of the best freelance websites 2016.

3. Craigslist

This site has an interactive map, and with its help, you can immediately start searching for jobs or workers. Register here to find work from any continent.

4. People Per Hour

people per hour screenshot

Astounding profiles, work histories viewable with one click, payments in one place, instant messaging—all these and more are available through People Per Hour. You can see a step-by-step explanation of what to do. The site provides help with anything a web project might need.

5.Flex Jobs

With the inspiring slogan, “Life is flexible. Is your job?” this site contains a variety of jobs posted by great employers. Flex Jobs not only focuses on simple professional job searches and flexible job options, but it also provides legitimacy and guarantees satisfaction with the opportunities found.

6. Guru

This is another resource where you can find freelance work and collaborate with a team without ever leaving the site.

The cool thing for employers here is that they only have to pay for a job well done. For freelancers, the site provides daily job matches to help them stay up-to-date with the latest opportunities.

7. Fiverr

Looking for something original? Not only does this site have job proposals, but it also contains some online lessons and interesting tips.

Here you can find someone to help with practically anything—from teaching you how to master video games to giving you a piece of relationship advice.

Sounds impressive, right?

8. Damongo

damongo website- screenshot

This is one of the many freelance job sites that focus on micro-jobs.

The main point?

On the homepage, you’ll see plenty of micro-projects such as designing website templates, promoting brands on Instagram, or making a logo.

9. Toptal

This is a site where top companies such as JPMorgan, Zendesk, and Airbnb look for top talent. The site strongly focuses on the education, ethical values, language knowledge, and professionalism of its employees. Frankly, Toptal is a brilliant platform for serious employers to find confident and reliable workers. Visit the Toptal blog for helpful tips and career advice.

10. 99 Designs

This is a freelance site where designers can find everything about their specialization. Isn’t that brilliant?

Here you can search for a job in the web, business, clothing, art, or book design field—plus many more!

11. Crowded

This site is a good place for tech specialists with proven skills in software engineering, CSS, project management, open-source software, social media, etc. You won’t get confused here—everything is clear and easy.

12. Simply Hired

simply hired website screenshot

This site is not only useful for a freelance job, but it is also very helpful in finding local jobs and estimating the potential salary. You will find it convenient if you’re looking for additional job tools.

13. Behance

Another stunning place for designers and those interested in design, this website contains both job proposals and designers’ portfolios. Unsurprisingly, the site’s mission is “to empower the creative world to make ideas happen.”

Sounds promising, right?

14. Envato Studio

Here’s yet another community of creatives with easy search functionality and comprehensive instructions. The main job categories are design, graphics, online marketing, mobile apps, writing, and programming.

15. Freelance Writing Jobs

freelance writing jobs

This is the right place for content creators who want some inviting bonuses. Here you can find writing tips and useful advice on how to create your portfolio and become more proficient in writing. There are even some useful downloads and apps provided. The site is among the best freelance websites for writers and bloggers.

How could a freelance writer resist?

16. Dribbble

Dribbble helps talented design professionals all over the world get hired and share their work. It is not just another place where you can find freelance work. It is a kind of professional network, spotlighting the individualities and talents of various designers.

17. LinkedIn

On LinkedIn, you can search for a job, stay in contact with colleagues, read some useful news, and share industry information.

Do you know what else?

This site is a successful social network comparable to such communities as Facebook. Moreover, it combines the features of social media with a freelance job board.

18. Krop

krop screenshot

On Krop, you can find website templates, creative portfolios, and lots of challenging jobs. Explore a broad range of trusted employers on the site.

19. Mefi Jobs

On this site, you can view jobs on a map and find out how far any job is located from you. Full-time, part-time, internship, volunteer, and contract positions are available.

20. Coroflot

Look for active job listings as well as astounding technological projects and concepts on this site. If you are an employer, explore Coroflot’s new recruitment package for your company’s “unique story.”

21. Pro Blogger

Get familiar with this site for both professional and enthusiast blogging. Here you can prove yourself as a skilled content writer, tech blogger, content manager, and more.

22. Dice

dice website screenshot

Look for technology jobs and explore apps for your career growth on this search engine. Dice is one of the freelance job sites where you can find a list of trending jobs in business analytics, programming, project management, and more.

23. College Recruiter

This site aims to help college graduates find a suitable job or internship. College Recruiter also offers articles on career growth and other useful material, making it perhaps the best site for freelancers at the start of their career.

24. iFreelance

On this site, you can post projects for free or create a profile. There are no commissions or transaction costs, so you can bid on projects immediately without considering additional expenditures.

25. Truelancer

Here you can find multiple services for project management or look for jobs within a wide range of categories. On the site, you will see in-demand skills for successful work.

26. We Work Remotely

This site is an excellent place to find remote jobs. Here you can discover the best employers and employees by focusing not on any particular geographic area but on talent.
brick wall business

27. Onsite

Search for the best candidate for any job on this site. You can find well-structured freelancer profiles as an employer as well as multiple job requests as an employee.

28. Hirable

Register for free, apply for a job, and don’t hesitate to search for interesting projects. Hirable is one of the freelance job boards that focuses on web development. Here you can look for both full-time and part-time work.

29. Bunny Inc.

This site is a creativity-driven place for talented professionals. Article writers, designers, and translators may find it fulfilling to work here. Thousands of trusted companies delegate their projects to Bunny Inc.

30. Contently

contently website screenshot

Contently focuses on smart content marketing with more than 100,000 talented journalists, photographers, videographers, and other specialists. Winners of international writers’ prizes, as well as published authors of The New York Times and National Geographic, are among the professionals on this site.

31. Scripted

Search for freelance creative writing jobs here. Join the site to find work in blog writing, social media, and analytics. There are certainly plenty of projects here that a well-rounded writer will find challenging.

32. Aquent

Another home for creative freelancers, Aquent helps them highlight their talents. Aquent is a leader in the implementation of creative, digital, and marketing projects.

33. Creative Group

This site will help you find the project that suits you most. Designers, writers, and photographers can find a full-time, part-time, or freelance position.

34. Croogster

croogster website

Croogster contains portfolios of graphic designers, content writers, digital marketers, web developers, virtual assistants, and video designers. Here you can post specific requirements for whatever services you may need.

35. CrowdSource

Testing and training are two essential stages of all job applications here.

Good news for employers:

This site’s freelancers are chosen carefully and are controlled by specialists to meet quality goals.

36. Peer Hustle

If you are looking for freelancers in a particular area and prefer to be able to live chat with your employees, Peer Hustle is just right for you. The site is useful for those seeking opportunities in multiple job categories.


This platform works exclusively with a reliable freelance force, so it may not be the best place to explore freelancing jobs for beginners. The site focuses on software development.

38. Local Solo

Thousands of local professionals are registered on the site. You can register here for free.

39. Gigster

From Silicon Valley and all around the world, this company brings together great talents and professionals who work with major companies in technology-driven industries. If you are looking for an advanced engineering job platform, this is it.

40. Folyo

Folyo is another site that focuses on design. You can apply as a designer and look for the projects that suit you best. This is the first location-based site in our freelance sites rating.

41. Voice 123

voice 123 website

This site provides work opportunities in the voiceover industry. You can become a premium user to gain more bonuses. However, you have the possibility to audition as a standard subscriber.

42. Mashable Job Board

This platform, designed for digital talents, has an impressive list of employers.

Sign up and find your digital dream work!

43. Traction

Look for multiple projects on this site with a multi-channel marketing team. You can apply for a partnership or start your own project.

44. The Muse

Get started to be matched with projects or professionals in nearly any field. Join a team of developers, designers, and operators.

45. Working Nomads

Here you can search for a list of the best digital jobs or post your own job. Get a freelance job in development, management, system administration, or design, which are the main fields of this site.

46. YunoJuno

yunojuno screenshot

Build an excellent profile to become a freelancer on this site. Discuss projects and get paid, all while staying on the site.

47. Crowdsite

This site makes graphic design affordable for everyone. Employers post contests to choose the best candidates. The system of winners makes it challenging to apply for a job and succeed in it.

48. Joomlancers

Apply to be a provider and get to work on interesting digital projects. If you are a software developer, you will surely find something promising here.

49. Authentic Jobs

This is a job board made for designers, hackers, and creatives. Browse the site for multiple freelance work opportunities. Lots of major companies have used Authentic Jobs.

50. Textbroker

text broker website

Perfect at writing unique content?

On this site, writing talents can join for free and do their best to become top writers. The website also provides instructions and grammar tips to help talented beginners.

51. Accountemps

This is one of the freelance job sites for accounting and financial professionals. You can upload a resume and take advantage of plenty of online courses to help boost your skills.

Go to the site for even more tips and benefits.

52. Crowdspring

Designers, writers, and developers may find this site helpful. You can register for free but need to pay part of the winning submission award. Here, companies can collaborate with several freelancers and choose their preferred winners.

53. LivePerson

This site provides employers with a continuous internet connection with their customers. Messaging can take place from the company’s website, app, network profile, SMS, etc. Look for stunning new applications and freelancing jobs from home here.

54. Mediabistro

mediabistro website screenshot

Here you can search for media jobs from top companies. Join for benefits including tips, extensive client databases, and exclusive offers.

55. Localancers

Register to gain access to all functionality and search for any jobs. This site is a good place for both local job searches and international outsourcing.

56. Sologig

Engineers and IT specialists can find their best work here. Post a resume and look through the list of job recommendations.

57. The Shelf

This is a great platform for targeted marketing, where bloggers can benefit from writing about different topics. Add your blog and collaborate with recognized brands.

58. Bark

This local service site applies to any type of career. It’s a proven platform for trainers, event managers, photographers, designers, and other professionals.

59. WayUp

wayup website screenshot

Undergraduates can use this site for career advice and recruitment help. Facebook, Google, The New York Times, Forbes, CNN Money, and other major employers frequently post freelance jobs for students here.

60. Juiiicy

Here’s a community of designers where you can refer or receive works from other designers. Request an invitation to become a member.

61. Stack Overflow

Another home for technical talents, this site aims to bring together the best developers and recruiters. Because the site has been working with professional developers for ages, it is also a rich source of information about the details of the profession.

62. Constant Content

If you are a content writer proficient in creating unique and interesting content, you can try this site. Just take a quiz and submit a writing sample, and then you are ready to work on your first order.

63. Write Jobs

Write Jobs is one of the biggest communities for writers worldwide. Register for free and be ready to look through databases and checklists of the most promising projects.

64. Freelance Writers Den/a>

This is a site for freelance writers with multiple promotion services. You can pay additional money to join the Income Accelerator Program and gain access to exclusive tips and benefits.

65. Codeable

codeable io website

An outsourcing project of WordPress, Codeable is a small community with multiple tasks for developers. If you are a WordPress expert, this site may meet your expectations.

66. Awesome Web

Become a design freelancer and search for challenging projects. On this site, there are jobs for blog and print designers, web developers, and other self-employed specialists.

67. 48 Hours Logo

Create a portfolio on this site to be chosen as a preferred logo designer. Take part in contests, become a winner, and collaborate with brands.

68. Remotive

Enjoy the lists of job openings on Remotive, and be sure to visit the blog for helpful articles on writing tips. Remotive is both a weekly newsletter and a platform for freelancers.

69. Skip the Drive

You can find here more than 40 job categories without having to register. There are also some useful freelancing tools, such as the telecommuting calculator, to help freelancers manage their time and save money.

70. Virtual Vocations

Convenient job organization tools can be found on this site. The company is proud of its large database of telecommuting jobs, e-courses, and job research.

71. NYCastings

This site is a database of cinematographic jobs. Cinematographers, video editors, camera operators, and lighting crews can search for various opportunities.

72. Sound Better

sound better screenshot

If you are a singer, producer, recording studio member, or session musician, don’t lose the chance to sound better by working with the industry’s best employees.

73. Stage 32

Stage 32 is a paradise for creative filmmakers and actors striving for self-development. Here you can find an extensive library of webinars, master your skills, and find inspiration to achieve success.

74. I Love Creatives

This is yet another home for creative individuals. Film directors, floral designers, translators, bloggers, and other specialists can use this site to their advantage. Look for good freelancer jobs and nourish your creative background!

75. Vocalizr

This platform connects music industry professionals with vocalists. Signing up is free.

76. Working not Working

Trusted by multiple major companies like Google and Facebook, this site is an invite-only community looking for talented individuals in a wide range of fields. Creatives do not have to pay any additional fees for their subscription or membership.

77. Carbonmade

Carbonmade is an originally designed site with more than a million portfolios. Sign up for free and post your best illustration works.

78. Creative Hotlist

Search for stunning job opportunities and authentic portfolios to enhance your creativity. Additional fees are required for the improvement of portfolios.
loseup alone animal bird coloring drawing

79. Photography Jobs Finder

This site was created for event photographers, picture editors, digital operators, photography technicians, and other specialists in photographic art. You can join for free.

80. Landing Jobs

Landing Jobs is one of the best freelance sites for programmers. Here you can find a tech job in your favorite city, whether that’s Berlin, London, or Barcelona. Security engineers, back-end developers, and cloud solution architects can expect to find work that will fit them.

81. SEO Clerks

This site is a major marketplace for SEO services. You can buy articles, blog reviews, e-books, website themes, and software here, and freelancers who are proficient in implementing all of these tasks are welcome.

82. Find a Photographer

The American Society of Media Photographers created this platform for its members to help them keep in touch with their clients. If you are not a member of the ASMP, you can still visit the site for samples of great photo works in different genres.

83. Dunked

Visit Dunked for convenient tools that will help you create a professional portfolio. Photographers, artists, and designers will be in their element on this site.

84. Twine

twine website

Twine is designed for music producers, graphic designers, filmmakers, mixing engineers, and singers.

85. Rat Race Rebellion

Here you can find lots of freelance jobs from home and subscribe for free email updates to keep up with the best proposals. Over 400 hiring companies are listed as offering work to freelancers.

86. Wonolo

Wonolo is designed for workers who want to work when and where they want to. The exclusive mobile app will help you manage your work easily. There is no need to create a resume on the site—you only need to succeed in completing your orders.

87. Daily Posts

This site is a writing agency that can create any type of content. The freelancers here meet strict deadlines and successfully complete their work. So if you are a professional copywriter, feel free to contact them. Note, however, that this is not the place for easy freelance writing jobs!

88. Journalism Jobs

Here’s one of the best freelance job sites to be explored for any job in print, broadcast, or digital media.

89. Graphic Designer

design hill website screenshot

This is a marketplace for graphic designers with contests, awarded designs, multiple job categories, and more.

90. Computer Assistant

This site provides computer services for customers in the US and part of Canada.

91. Freelance Map

Freelance Map offers free membership as well as a large database of companies. Here you can find lots of job categories and search for any career, from freelance writing jobs for college students to advanced programming gigs.

92. Tutor

On this site, you can choose a wide range of categories from Algebra, Chemistry, and Physics to English Language, Sociology, and Literature. Become a tutor and hand down your profound knowledge to students.

93. Art Wanted

art wanted website screenshot

Artists and photographers can join groups, participate in the message boards, and enjoy the talented artwork and photography of diverse portfolios.

94. GOFJ Blog

This is a site for mini-tasks that focuses on part-time jobs in freelance and data processing. New members are tested first and then allowed to complete more complicated tasks.

95. Proz

Proz is one of the more advanced freelance sites for translators. Sign up here if you are a translator or interpreter looking forward to working in various spheres from finance to literature.

96. Topcoder

Topcoder is about crowdsourcing and technology. Here you can find jobs in design prototyping, app development, and analytics.

97. WorkMarket
work market website screenshot

WorkMarket is an on-demand talent marketplace that can help you manage your workforce or find jobs. Here you’ll encounter lots of useful readings on time management and career success.

98. Media Kitty

Willing to apply your talent?

This site is for journalists, bloggers, photographers, videographers, and other creatives looking to collaborate with leading brands.

99. The New York Times Jobs Market

Explore career opportunities with one of the most popular media companies in history. Build a profile and post a resume to start bidding for employer attention. Enjoy hundreds of fine articles on business, writing tips, and success.

100. Writerbay
writer bay screenshot

Are you really good at creative thinking?

Well, if you are a creative writer, try this site out for decently paid writing jobs. Here you can create essays, research papers, book reviews, articles, and more.

Rather an impressive list to consider, isn’t it?

Register on a freelance job site to start earning today.

One crucial thing to do is look through several types of freelancer websites. You can choose a site with millions of freelancers and very high competition, or you can go for a smaller, cozier resource with more personalized communication. In your search, you could start from the general freelance sites that contain basically any job proposal, or you could try specialized sites designed for experts of a particular profession.

Have you ever felt nervous about high fees on the biggest job platforms?

Please don’t worry about it—just keep in mind that you will eventually find the right place for you. Explore multiple niches within the many freelance job sites, and you’ll see that there is a broad range of choices out there. Finding freelance jobs from home without investment is not an impossible task.

Just imagine:

Now you can embark on a project posted by an employer from any part of the world! Explore micro-tasks or ongoing projects, and feel free to reach for the world’s best opportunities.

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