Best 10 Blog Posts 2023 from Freelancers

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Have you ever thought of freelancing as the main way to earn money and an alternative to traditional work?

Some office workers are not happy with the salary at the current position, while others are tired by the rhythm of life working 5 days a week.

Someone is just an introvert who has a hard time staying in long-term contact with people.

Freelancers who are already familiar with this working area need to enhance their knowledge and skills to remain competent and competitive.

Here are some freelance blog posts that will be useful both for new freelancers and the ones who strive to improve their performance.

In short:

This review of the best 10 blog posts 2018 from freelancers provides you with the opportunity to observe the key trends, challenges, and possibilities in modern freelancing.

1. How To Manage Time Like A Pro And Get More Stuff Done

by a tech entrepreneur Hammad Akbar on Upwork

Upwork screenshot

Best freelancing sites have their blogs. Upwork is not exclusion.

It’s not a secret that freelancers face the problem of managing their time in performing freelance projects.

In his blog writing, Akbar recommends to organize it all and use a priority matrix.

Even if you don’t respect plans for the future, you should plan as carefully and scrupulously as possible. Write down the sequence of every action you need to do and think about how to link them together.

Describe the plan for communication with your clients and every stage of work.


Why should I waste time on this?

When you are working on an urgent project and need to catch everything, it’s easy to forget about the simplest things that support your health, well-being, and, consequently, the result of your work.

The author also recommends using a Pomodoro technique that implies breaking your work on intervals:

25 minutes for work and then 5 minutes for rest.

Every freelancer should consider the limit of their capabilities and work by this limit.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve more.

On the contrary:

Learn, try, and grow!

Every time while starting to work on a new project, plan the load and remember the limit of your freelance writing opportunities. And then your work from the endless missed deadlines will become a pleasant work that brings joy.

Leave some time for the unexpected and stop procrastination to be always on time.


A happy freelancer is a successful freelancer.


2. 5 Ways Freelancers Can Keep Clients Coming Back for More

by the Director of Contently’s Creative Network of freelancers Alli Manning on The Freelancer

Freelance blog writers know how comfortable and pleasant it is to work with regular customers whose preferences and requirements are clear and adequate.

Here, the author tells about the methods that help to turn casual customers into permanent clients.

Freelancers know that the work itself has its pros and cons.

Here’s an example:

You do not need to jump from the table with the words “I’m sorry, I have to go to the office” or leave the party because you have to get up early, you can choose projects that you really like, and your work is hard to call boring.


Yes, if not for one problem: you constantly have to look for new orders. Let’s get down to business!

The review of freelance resources and experience of freelancers shows that every customer has his or her own pace and timeline. You need to read and listen extremely carefully and ask questions related to the content of the work to be done. You may want to request an outline approval step to get feedback and adjust your writing.

Explore more tips on how to retain your customers and ways of becoming a freelance writer.


3. Freelance Writing Gigs With Great Pay: 50 Niches to Explore

by an experienced freelance writer Carol Tice on Make a Living Writing

This local freelance blog post lists the most demanded freelance writing areas.

Among famous freelance writers, one may note Carol Tice who has her blog for freelancers with valuable tips and recommendations.

If you are responsible, independent, self-confident, consider yourself a “free writer”, and you are tired of working in the office, welcome to explore freelance career opportunities.

Choose the projects that interest you and offer your terms for the assignment—in case of interest, customers will certainly offer you cooperation.

Advertorials, annual reports, articles, branding slogans, and brochures take the top of writing gigs. This post is also worth reading as it contains approximate payment rates for each of the positions!


4. A Freelance Writer’s Guide to Managing Edits

by a content creator Maddy Osman on The Write Life Blog

The Write Life Blog

Every freelancer is familiar with this situation:

You’re already working on order or even completed it, and the client requires making edits to the assignment.

In randomness, there’s nothing to worry about—the client can be understood.

Most likely, they received an order from the boss or the instructor. It’s worse when such add-ons are in the habit, and no order deals without corrections.

The post by Maddy Osman suggests some tips on how to deal with edits and reduce their amount.

For example:

The author states that self-editing process can significantly improve the situation if a freelancer would pay more attention to grammar, parallelism, fact-checking, etc.

By becoming a good self-editor, it is easier to avoid mistakes in the future and fit edits into your schedule.

It’s undoubtedly an exciting post that would help you to handle edits on your way to becoming a freelancer and finding excellent blogging positions.


5. 10 lessons from 10 years of freelancing

by a member of the blog Lori Bumgarner on Freelancers Union Blog

Freelancers Union Blog screenshot

Learn the success of successful people!

This freelancers’ union blog presents a post of a skilled writer who shares her experience and tells what she learned during 10 years of freelancing.

The advantages are evident:

You do not need to think for a long time about what you should do to achieve success. You already have a ready-made scheme of actions, a certain template, or a plan for the required activities.

Everything is extremely simple:

You just need to follow the actual step-by-step instructions.

Among the key lessons, Lori Bumgarner points out:

  • discipline
  • logistics
  • life-long learning
  • the ability to say no
  • risk realization
  • the inevitable extent of fear, and so on.

Every lesson is described in detail to allow readers understand the key point of the author.

By discovering this blog writing site, you would benefit from the information provided. Note that Freelancers Union Blog is one of the best writing blogs.


6. How to Make $5,000 a Month With Freelance Blog Writing

by an experienced freelance writer Carol Tice on Make a Living Writing

Make a living writing website

Freelance writing online implies being your own boss and controlling your income independently.

In this blog post, you can learn about how to multiply your income.

Hiring a freelancer, customers evaluate a portfolio and a level of work.

But it is also important how well the candidates communicate. If you can communicate well and expressively, it will help you build a trusting relationship with your customers.

How well can you answer their questions?

Try to be sensitive and put yourself in your client’s place. What do they need to know and how to solve their problems better?

Once your projects become better, and your reputation grows, you need to get more customers.

Instead of rushing into every project that you are offered, prioritize those customers who will pay you as much as you think your services are worth. Demonstrate the value of your work for potential customers, and what it will mean for their business.

How to evaluate the prospects of a niche?

If there are a lot of projects in available orders, the tasks have good budgets, but the projects have few views and answers—this is the ideal niche.

In it, low competition and it is difficult for a client to find a freelancer. At the same time, the demand for services is high, and you can easily find your required work.

Explore other recommendation through reading this post up to the end!


7. Setting 2018 Writing Goals (& Getting Your Priorities Straight)

by a professional freelancer Jennifer Mattern on All Freelance Writing Blog

7 setting 2018 writing goals

Consider blogger opportunities and set feasible goals for 2018! Prioritize and select proper blog sites to make money using tips by Jennifer Mattern.

Identify your direction and subscribe to All Freelance Writing Blog to receive timely updates about freelance writing and many other interesting things in freelance. Keep in mind that these issues will also be observed by freelance recruiters.


8. Work Smart: How I Get More Done in Less Time

by the founder of the project Leah Kalamakis on Freelance to Freedom Project Blog

Freedom project blog

Productivity is a cornerstone of a freelance copywriter.

Learn to batch!

There are several amazing ways to batch your time:

By time pockets, by service or business goal, and by topic.

Although at first glance freelance seems to be “I do what I want”, in fact, everything is absolutely the opposite.

You and only you control yourself and your actions. Therefore, daily planning is a hundred times more important than for a manager working in the office.

There are, however, some nuances:

For a freelancer, the priority planning option will be much more effective. Simply put, make a list of cases for the day in order of importance and do not plan every hour.

Batcher beware!

Consistency and rituals are the two key things to consider while batching.


9. Stop Clients from Expecting Free Work — Without Burning Bridges

by a freelance contributor Nick Darlington on FreshBooks Blog

FreshBooks blog

Many freelancer marketing writers, freelance screenwriters, and other content creators feel confused when their customers ask for some seemingly minor edits. They tend to let them push themselves around and provide freebies.

It’s not ok when such add-ons are in the habit.

Ask your client to send the final version of the assignment or instructions and say that you start working immediately, so for all future edits take the additional cost.


Poor management on the customer’s side is not your fault.

All edits should be measurable and contain a specific action. For example, “add some specifics”—immeasurable, and “customers do not notice the search form” does not contain any action.

A customer should understand that a freelancer is not a project manager, and often should not and will not solve some side problems. The fact is that you propose your decision and explain that it can be safely ignored if there is an idea better.


10. Top 10 Freelance Blogs to Follow in 2017

by a freelance writer Junaid Arshad on Freelance Bundle Blog

10 freelance bundle blog

Of course, it is difficult to follow all posts in blogs and articles from and for freelancers.

All of them will simply not be covered, and, besides, there are also other resources useful for freelance writers.

Freelance Bundle Blog shares with you a collection of precious links to blogs with advice so that you do not have to endlessly surf the web in search of useful websites.

Reviews of the best freelance blogs and freelance websites identified such blogs as Upwork Blog, Freelance to Freedom Project, The Freelancer by Contently, and so on.

To find freelancers and customers, the mentioned blogs offer valuable ideas and tips.

Make your own additions to this list!

Part of the tips and principles described above was learned by the freelance writers from wonderful people who taught them how to earn remotely.

The other part was developed based on their own experience and a personal palette. Whatever each of these tips is generated and wherever they are heard, the goal is the same for all of them: to make freelancers more successful, conscious, and effective.

Follow the trends and be ready to respond.

You need to know what is happening in the industry and the market, so subscribe to thematic newsletters, read blogs, profile online publications, and participate in discussions on professional topics.

Good luck!

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