Top 100 Blogs for Writers: 100 Ways to Get Better at Writing

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Today, communication has become a crucial skill. No matter what your professional path is, you will inevitably have to communicate with people to explain your actions, engage your audiences, or promote your work.

A primary tool of communication is writing. Think about it—you write all the time. Assignments, reports, posts on social media, emails…even text messages count. If you have ever looked closer into it, you know that the success of your projects and endeavors largely depends on how effective your writing is.

In this article, you will learn about 100 helpful blogs for writers that will improve your writing skills.

I. Writing tips and tools

Whether you’re starting a writing career or are already a professional, these writing tips can be extremely helpful.

1. Write to Done

This well-designed blog about writing offers a variety of posts on becoming better at writing every day.

Check out: Why Inserting the ‘Mistake’ in Your Article is Important

2. Eva Deverell’s Blog

This blog is a writing help portal with lots of resources, from vocabulary tips to free writing templates and outlines.

Check out: How to Grow as a Writer

3. Writers Digest University

Besides posts on all kinds of writing (from academic to creative to blog content writing), this website also offers workshops for writers of all levels.

Check out: Fitting Writing Into Your Life

4. Daily Writing Tips

This is one of the most popular blog websites for writers, and it ensures that its subscribers improve their writing skills every day.

Check out: 25 Words Coined by Twentieth-Century Authors

5. Jane Friedman’s Blog

This blog is for all kinds of writers who want to master the art and learn more about the industry.

Check out: How to Make Readers Deeply Connect to Your Characters

jane friedman blog

6. Elizabeth Spann Craig’s Blog

The author of this blog is a successful mystery writer who explores techniques for mesmerizing readers and shares a lot of interesting materials with her subscribers.

Check out: 10 Things You’ll Find in Every Bestselling Book

7. Advice to Writers

Anyone who identifies as a writer will face many challenges in the modern world. This blog covers dozens of topics to help writers become more skillful and confident.

Check out: The Best Writing Advice

8. Sarah K Peck’s Blog

Like any good blog site for writers, this one is full of passionate storytelling, inspiration, and opportunities for writers.

Check out: Send a Friend a Love Letter

9. About Freelance Writing

A freelance writer with 30 years of experience gives some tips on how to enjoy this type of work—and succeed in it

Check out: Are Writers Really Smarter?

10. Zestful Writing

An acclaimed American author runs one of those blogs for writers where you will find lots of examples of good vs. not-so-good writing.

Check out: More Precision

11. Funds for Writers

This blog reaches out to 40,000 “serious writers” who want to advance in every aspect of the profession. Become one of them!

Check out: Just Write the Damn Thing

12. The Writer’s Alley

This blog’s friendly community is an environment where writers connect to discuss what it’s like to be a writer today.

Check out: Creative Nonfiction: How to Maintain Your Writing Voice in an Oversaturated World

13. Writers in Charge

Professional writers share lots of practical information on how to make it in the business. For example, they post lists of blogs looking for writers.

Check out: Food Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

14. Storyfix 2.0

This is one of the blogs about writing that gives you precise and practical advice under the general tag, “write better.”

Check out: Writing In A Corset

storyfix website

15. Poets and Writers

Members of a large community of creative writers exchange information on writing tools, self-promotion, and networking.

Check out: Writers Recommend

16. Publication Coach

An educational consultant and writing coach shares tips on how to write simply, enjoyably, and effectively.

Check out: Resolve to stop negotiating with yourself about writing

17. The Write Conversation

Run by a writer, spokeswoman, and social media coach, this blog is about perfecting your writing skills at all levels.

Check out: Confessions of an ADD Writer—How I Turned my Struggle into Success

18. Australian Writers’ Centre Blog

Here is an interactive platform that addresses various questions you may have as a writer.

Check out: Q&A: An Awful Lot to Write About

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19. Writing Rocks

This blog’s author focuses on the idea of powerful writing and shares tips on how to achieve it.

Check out: Writers, How Much Should You Leave Unsaid?

20. Resources for Writers

Writers will find many helpful services, tools, and information here.

Check out: Cut the Clutter and Streamline Your Writing

21. Reedsy

Looking for more than just tips on writing, like insights into the whole industry? Subscribe to this blog!

Check out: [Video] How to Create a Regular Writing Habit

22. Joe Konrath’s Blog

This blog is run by a successful author who shares his techniques for giving readers goosebumps or making them laugh out loud.

Check out: JA Konrath Adult Coloring Books!!!

ja konrath blog

23. Textbook & Academic Authors Association

Professional academic authors share ideas (including creative blog post ideas) on how to raise the quality of writing as well as the satisfaction of writers, editors, publishers, and readers.

Check out: 6 Techniques to Jumpstart Writing Efficiency and Productivity

II. Freelancing

Copywriting is a direction many freelancers choose as their career. Learn how to get started in this business, find new clients, and increase your income.

24. Master Dayton

This blog is run by a freelance writer who reaches out to fellow freelance writers, sharing with them everything he finds helpful for his work.

Check out: 20 Books on Writing Every Writer Needs to Read

25. The Procrastiwriter

This author of this blog confesses that she procrastinates a lot, so she shares with her subscribers tips and techniques to gain motivation and be more productive.

Check out: How to Write an Unforgettable Closing Line

26. Remarkable Communications

Whatever you do, you probably face the need to communicate effectively. On this blog, you’ll find out how to make your writing more effective. As a result, you will be able to make a blog, write a story, or start a book.

Check out: Pink Hair Blogging

Remarkable Communications blog

27. All Indie Writers

This blog helps independent writers, bloggers, and publishers promote their work, find resources, and ultimately become full-scale professionals who any blogging platform would be lucky to have.

Check out: Freelance Writing Pros on What They Wish They Knew When Launching Their Freelance Writing Careers

28. LittleZotz Writing

Have you ever wondered how to write for businesses in a way that’s not boring? Here’s one of the top blogging sites that will show you how your posts can be brightened up with a touch of humor.

Check out: What to Do When Writing Keeps You From Writing

29. Be a Freelance Blogger

This blog is for bloggers who are so crazy about writing that they want to make it their main thing and do it for a living.

Check out: How to Write a Blog Post in 8 Steps: Back to Basics

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30. Untamed Writing

If you love writing and hate being told what to do, this blog is for you. You will find a lot about different writers’ lives, readings, and travels here.

Check out: When Being Good Enough Isn’t Good Enough

31. Productive Writers

Like all creative people, writers often suffer from a lack of productivity. On this blog, you will learn how to get more things done.

Check out: Successful Writers Need Free Time Alone

32. The International Freelancer

This writers blog focuses on common concerns like finding work, doing work, running a business, and living well.

Check out: Shut Up and Write: Why Editors Love Certain Writers (and How to Become One)

the international freelancer blog

33. Writing Thoughts

Here is one of the best blogs for writers who are just starting their careers.

Check out: How to Get Your First Writing Experience

34. Inkwell Editorial

Learn to make a living by writing fun stuff for various clients.

Check out: Get Paid to Write Fun Stuff: 33 “Lifestyle” Outlets That Pay Freelance Writers

35. Men With Pens

This blog is run by a web design and copywriting expert and is aimed at writers who want to go pro.

Check out: 6 Easy Ways to Improve Readability in 5 Minutes or Less

men with pens blog

36. Contented: Business Writing Superskills

This blog offers concise and straight-to-the-point posts on how to create successful content for various purposes.

Check out: Writing Tip: Editing Web Content

37. Angela Booth’s Writing Blog

“Should I have a blog?” is a pressing question for millions of people around the world, and Angela Booth can help you find the answer. This experienced author and writing coach reflects on the profession and supports aspiring writers.

Check out: Blogging For Authors: 5 Tips To Conquer Your Anxiety

38. Write Now! Coach

This blog is for anyone who is looking for encouragement and a driving force to start writing right now. You can create a blog now—just write a post on something that excited you today. Write now!

Check out: Practicing Gratitude

write now coach blog

39. Anne R. Allen’s Blog… with Ruth Harris

Here you will find lots of resources, tips, and other information that writers might be interested in.

Check out: The Writer’s Enemy List: Are These People Sabotaging Your Writing Dreams?

III. Fiction writing

Have an idea for your new book? Want to publish a novel? Experiencing a lack of inspiration? These blogs can help you solve many common issues.

40. Writer Unboxed

This blog will teach you how to transform your everyday experiences into well-written texts that are exciting and appealing—a great creative writing for beginners program!

Check out: Be More Like Yourself

41. Writers Write

Good writing means effective communication. This blog’s posts are a wide range of stories and tips on how to tell captivating stories, how to compose impressive business reports, and how to write a great blog post.

Check out: 15 Fabulous Resources for Short Story Writers

writers write website screenshot

42. Time to Write

This blog is about finding inspiration and overcoming barriers to writing.

Check out: The Danger of Focusing on “What If’s”

43. Go Teen Writers

This website’s community consists of young writers who want to know everything about writing. But learning to be a better writer does not mean you aren’t a writer already!

Check out: Build Your Own Writing Education in 5 Steps (Plus a giveaway!)

44. Writers Helping Writers

The name speaks for itself—the writers here share their common struggles, coping strategies, tips, and discoveries.

Check out: Your Never Ending Writing Improvement Program

two people are using a computer at work

45. Romance University

Every week, established writers share their secrets on how to write something that is intriguing, appealing, and fascinating.

Check out: Writing Magic Scenes by Rayne Hall

46. Nathan Bransford’s Blog

This author was doing a lot of “writing for writers” until he decided to run a blog that would cover writing, reading, and self-publishing.

Check out: Has The Writing Community Become Close-Minded to Alternate Viewpoints?

47. Live Write Thrive

Definitely one of the best writer blogs to follow! There are tons of tips and techniques to master the craft.

Check out: 5 Strategies to Help Writers Get the Writing Done

48. The World’s Greatest Book

Find out how the world’s greatest book can be written—by you.

Check out: Essay Writing and the Art of the Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

49. Writers and Authors

This is one of those empowering blog sites for writers where you can learn, promote, and network.

Check out: Writing Tips Using Acting Techniques

the worlds greatest book

50. The MFA Blog

This blog provides guidance for those pursuing a degree in creative writing.

Check out: If I Had Known Then What I Know Now….

51. Write with Fey

Ever wondered how to make your writing “magical”? Find out what an aspiring young author has to say about it.

Check out: Best of Write with Fey 2016

52. How to Plan, Write, and Develop a Book

Ever thought of starting something really big, like a book? If you have, this blog is the perfect guide for you.

Check out: The Myth of Going It Alone—Why Book Writers Need Community

how to plan write and develop a-book

53. Blots & Plots

An up-and-coming writer reflects on what it means to be a happy writer.

Check out: Writer’s Block: How to Write When You Feel Stuck

54. Novel Publicity

This is one of the free blog sites for writers who have penned a book and want it to go places.

Check out: 5 Crucial Writing Tactics for Beginners

55. Lisa Romeo Writes

An experienced writer shares her thoughts on how to master the craft and live your life to the fullest as a writer.

Check out: Friday Fridge Clean-Out: Links for Writers

56. Pub(lishing) Crawl

A community of publishers and writers post on the writing business, writers’ concerns, and occasionally nightlife and drinking.

Check out: Pubcrawl Podcast: Writing Mechanics—Sentence Craft


57. She Writes

This international blog for aspiring writers unites 25,000+ women who love writing.

Check out: The Positive Effects of Writing on Your Health

58. Authority Self-Publishing

Here you will find lots of ideas and tips for writers who want to get published or simply master the art.

Check out: How to Find Your Peak Writing State in 3 Simple Steps

59. The Book Deal

This blog’s consulting editor will advise you on how to get the attention and interest of your readers as well as prospective publishers.

Check out: Are You Obsessed With Writing? Good News!

60. The Seekers

If you are into romance and spiritual writing, this blog will give you inspiration and some helpful musings on how to succeed in this sphere.

Check out: Your Story Matters (Or… What a Reader Wants You to Know)

seekerville blog

61. Bang 2 Write

This blog is for anyone who is seriously planning to master the writing craft—to become, say, a novelist or a screenwriter.

Check out: Top 5 Story Mistakes Even Good Writers Make

62. Write One

This blog gives insight on how to write a book that sells.

Check out: How to Write a Good Book—The Formula For Success!

63. The Book Designer

Voted one of the best writing blogs for freelancers by Publishers Weekly, this blog is a guide to writing and publishing your own book.

Check out: Does Your Book Suck … or Soar?

64. Pikes Peak Writers | Writing from the Peak

This blog is for every writer’s information, enrichment, education, and entertainment.

Check out: How Reading Affects My Writing

pikes peak writers

65. The Review Review

This blog reviews journals and magazines to help writers find the most suitable publications in which to publish their work.

Check out: Write Your Truths, Hone Your Craft, and Don’t Give Up

66. The Writing Life

An author of more than 60 books advises subscribers on how to get writing done, how to make it good, and how to take it places.

Check out: Five Ways to Increase Your Holiday Writing

IV. Guides from professionals

Need to improve your grammar or learn how to write for children? Trying to understand marketing strategies or add illustrations to your writing like a pro? Read these specialized blogs that cover particular topics any writer may need to know.

67. Grammar Girl

This blog is a constantly updated and well-illustrated collection of short tips to improve your writing in English.

Check out: 9 Books to Give Your Favorite Language Lover

68. Terrible Minds

This blog is run by a writer and game designer who passionately shares lots of fun stuff on writing, food, and recent trends.

Check out: How to Create Art and Make Cool Stuff in a Time of Trouble

69. Inkygirl

This blog’s author is a children’s book illustrator who posts about writing and many related topics in an exciting and engaging way (with adorable pictures all over the blog, too).

Check out: Advice for Young Writers, Office Dogs, and Motivation

inky girl blog

70. The Kill Zone

The Kill Zone gathers well-known suspense writers to share the secrets of the craft and teach subscribers how to captivate their readers.

Check out: Put Your Setting to Work

71. Absolute Write

On this website, you will find lots of information on how to get better at writing on all levels—from signing birthday cards to penning a novel. But an especially unique feature of this resource is its enormous collection of interviews with successful writers.

Check out: NaNoWriMo Is Coming

72. Rachelle Gardner

This blog’s run by a literary agent who teaches subscribers how to make it in the business.

Check out: Are You a Lone Ranger Writer?

73. Grammar Monster

This helpful tool offers convenient navigation through various grammar topics along with a free newsletter that will make your writing better.

Check out: Common Grammar Errors Listed by Their Ability to Make You Look Stupid

grammar monster website

74. Orwell Diaries

One of the most popular writers’ blog sites, here fans can learn about top-notch creative writing using excerpts by the author of Animal Farm.

Check out: 23.7.42

75. Poynter: Writing Tools

Beyond its ranking among the popular blog sites, this is a resource for journalists that offers posts on how to improve your writing.

Check out: 7 Ways to Write a “Kick-Ass” Column

76. The Writer and the Critic

Upon subscribing, you will get access to a monthly podcast on books, writers, and many other related topics—all hosted by professional writers.

Check out: Episode 55: Savage Season | The Pillow Friend

77. The Writing Whisperer

This blog is devoted to writers in the marketing sphere. The author, a young woman with a fascinating personal story, strives to build a community of successful content branding professionals.

Check out: Experience a Brand New YOU with a Birthday Walk

a woman is working and drinking tea

78. Writing for Kids (While Raising Them)

Here’s a fun blog on how writers can deal with everyday happenings creatively.

Check out: Gifts for Writers: Holiday 2016 Edition

79. Literary Rambles

This blog gives a great overview of the children’s book industry today along with some tips and inspiration for writers.

Check out: Building a Writing Career

80. Walden University Writing Center

Academic writing has its own specific principles that can take years to master. Browse this blog for guidelines and support.

Check out: Breaking Down the MEAL Plan: A Four-Part Series on Writing Strong Paragraphs

V. Writers’ psychology

For a writer, it’s important to be motivated and emotionally stable enough to create new books and other content of value. But how should you handle writer’s block? Where should you find inspiration? These blogs help writers like you conquer their fears and solve many of the typical problems they may experience.

81. Writers in the Storm

The writers who run this blog focus on two things: giving fellow writers technical tips and providing inspiration.

Check out: Advanced Craft Tips

82. Goins Writer

One of the most famous blogs for writers of fiction (certainly not the only one, though), this website is run by an acclaimed and bestselling author. It’s written for anyone who is passionate about writing, including creative writing, and wants to pursue that passion.

Check out: 7 Tips for More Effective Writing

83. Dani Shapiro’s Blog

A bestselling author talks about her life, the trouble with being a writer, and the joy of embracing it.

Check out: On Embracing It All

dani shapiro blog

84. Pen and Prosper

This blog delves into two major topics: how to turn writing into a profession and how to start a blog and make money.

Check out: Using Emotional Intelligence for a Competitive Edge

85. Kristen Lamb’s Blog

This blog’s author has penned several books about being a writer in the digital age. Her posts are about blogging, social media writing, and targeting the right reader. Join and make your own blog or start writing your book!

Check out: Why the Reader Put That Book Down

86. Create, Share, Prosper With Christina Katz

What does it mean for a writer to be empowered? This blog’s author suggests that it means becoming your own writing coach—and she explains exactly how you can do it.

Check out: I Help Writers Transform Frustrations Into Published Writing

Christina Katz blog

87. The Writer’s Inner Journey

This blog explores what it means to be a writer through inspirational posts and interviews with authors.

Check out: A Writer’s Meditation: Stop Resisting Failure, Stop Fighting Failure, Stop Fighting Your Resistance to Failure

88. Positive Writer

This blog tells subscribers how to stay positive about writing and create work that is meaningful and valuable to you.

Check out: Use The Force to Succeed as a Writer (Can You Feel It?)

VI. Lifestyle

Every writer should know the best ways to relax after a difficult day, the many possible awards to be nominated for, the most supportive places to communicate about work, and the remarkable features of a writer’s daily routine. Read these blogs to find out more about real writers’ lifestyles, habits, and hobbies.

89. The Write Practice
This community consists of people who recognize that writing is a skill that requires constant practice. So they practice together and share exciting posts about writing.

Check out: The Best Gift a Writer Can Give

90. Writer’s Relief

This is an author’s submission service that helps writers find places where their writing will be appreciated—with lots of other fun stuff along the way.

Check out: ProofNEEDing: Rap It Up

91. Publication Coach

Besides advising on how to actually get published, the blog will tell you a lot about advancing as a writer overall.

Check out: 7 Ways Non-Native English Speakers Can Improve Their Writing

publication coach website

92. The Write Life

Aspiring writers will find a lot of information here on how to improve their writing and connect with other writers.

Check out: 5 Powerful Tips to Write Travel Stories Only You Can Tell

93. Lauren Sapala

One of the famous creative writing blogs, this site is run by a writing coach who encourages her subscribers to nourish their creativity and become more confident as writers.

Check out: We Are The Only Ones Stopping Ourselves From Truly Living As Writers

94. Aliventures

This blog focuses on three aspects of writing: art, craft, and business.

Check out: Three Different Ways to Name Your Blog or Website [Pros and Cons]

95. Women on Writing

Here, women writers discuss writing for primarily female audiences.

Check out: How to Write the First Paragraph of Your Blog Post

96. Quinn Creative

This blog, offered by a writing training portal, will teach you how to write convincingly.

Check out: The Story Listener

quinn creative website

97. Writability

The author, who describes herself as an “insatiable writer,” shares tips and tricks on how to make it in the business.

Check out: The Unpredictable Nature of a Writing Career

98. Alexis Grant’s Blog

This blog’s content will be especially interesting to those who want to make writing their profession while having many other things to do, like raising a baby.

Check out: Doing the Work vs. Writing About It

99. Indies Unlimited

This blog celebrates independent authors. Publishers Weekly named it one of the top six blogs for independent writers.

Check out: Smartphone Apps for Writers

100. Urban Muse Writer

A professional journalist and copywriter tells personal stories that fellow writers will surely enjoy.

Check out: Journalism: Lifestyle

Ask yourself this question: How often have you felt that your project—be it an assignment, a campaign, or a party you were planning—failed or was not done well enough because of a simple miscommunication? The instructions were unclear, the audience was not effectively reached, or the participants misunderstood each other.

Frankly, this happens a lot.
In a recent survey, American students agreed that communication is the most important skill for them. And mastering this skill is crucial.

A large portion of the communication you will perform to succeed in whatever it is that you do will be associated with writing. If you like writing—great! But, unfortunately, enjoying the act of writing is not enough.

Writing is a skill. To get better at it, you will need practice, tips, resources, and advice from experienced writers of all kinds. You can find all of these essential resources on the blogs for writers listed above.

Good luck on your journey to becoming a better writer!

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