Top 100 Freelancer Resources to Manage the Projects Successfully

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Most people dream about a job where they don’t need to go anywhere, just staying at home and enjoying a cup of tea or coffee with a laptop. Freelancing can make this dream come true. Everything a freelancer needs is a laptop with the access to the Internet. Unfortunately, it is not that easy though.

Quite often the beginners lack necessary data they need to complete the project they were hired for, or they have a hard time managing their time. However, being aware of the most useful resources to use for their work can save the situation. This article will provide you with the freelancer resources to help you become perfect in writing.

First, you should determine the sphere you’ll be working in, as it gives you the direction for the right choice of the freelance websites. For instance, there are a few websites any freelance writer should go to.


Any writer needs to use a dictionary to enrich their vocabulary and use the most appropriate words and phrases in their writing.

  1. Oxford Dictionaries is a set of acknowledged dictionaries to translate or explain the meaning of a word.
  1. Merriam-Webster is both a dictionary and thesaurus that any efficient freelancer should use. Do not forget about it!
  1. Longman Dictionary is a popular dictionary that will be useful when looking for collocations or any other necessary words.
  1. Computer Desktop Encyclopedia. A freelance writer frequently has to work with different topics. And digital technologies are one of them. This dictionary will help understand the meaning of numerous terms used in the world of computers and software.
  1. Abbreviations. Any freelancer frequently comes across unknown abbreviations. Their misunderstanding can result in a severe mistake and failure to accomplish a particular task. This website will help you define the abbreviations.

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  1. Macmillan dictionary is another popular online dictionary where you can find a word, its peculiarities, context, and the details about its usage.
  1. Law Dictionary is a handy site for writers who work in the sphere of law. It can explain any term used by lawyers and improve its comprehending.
  1. Investor Words provides definitions of the key phrases specialists use in the finance and business fields. Considering the increased importance of these topics, you should consider it as a useful tool.

Here is the trick:

These freelance sites could be useful for writers who work in different spheres. They will naturally help find the best possible meaning of a certain word and enrich your vocabulary greatly. Just imagine how persuading you will sound!

Content sites

Now, there are other freelancing sites that we can recommend for those who wish to work from home. Any writer needs to:

  • Thoroughly research their topic
  • Support their claims by credible facts

These are the best sites to use for this purpose:

  1. Wikipedia is one of the primary sources that any freelancer can use. It is a unique online database containing information almost across any field of knowledge.
  1. SAGE journals is an excellent online library containing many free articles available for unregistered users.
  1. Google Scholar is a powerful search tool that provides a freelancer with credible sources only. We highly recommend using it.

professor is reading a lecture on physics

  1. Amazon is one of the world’s most popular resources useful for a freelancer. You can find an enormous amount of books there.
  1. Google Books is a site belonging to the same family. It provides you with books that could obviously help when writing a paper.
  1. Questia is an online database useful for people engaged in freelancing. It contains articles, books, reviews, etc. to use for an in-depth analysis of any topic or issue.
  1. TED is a useful site that revolves around different issues and touches upon numerous problems. You can use it to obtain some ideas or additional information related to certain events.


It also gets better when a freelancer uses different online newspapers to delve into the problem. They suggest an array of thoughts, feedbacks, and perspectives on the same issue.

  1. The New York Times is one of the most powerful and informative online newspapers covering numerous topics. You can find there some interesting articles.
  1. Huffington Post is another well-known newspaper read by millions of people all over the world. It could help you look at the issue from different perspectives.
  1. The Telegraph is a British newspaper that touches upon the most critical events in the world. These articles will help you organize your copy and fill it with fantastic content.

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  1. BBC is a famous news agency that provides you with the latest facts and describes the most meaningful events. It should become one of your favorite sources.
  1. The Washington Post is one of the famous American editions that also tends to cover the majority of topics. There are different sections that will help you find the needed content. It’s an amazing resource for freelance writers.
  1. The Guardian is a newspaper offering you information about any issue you might need to write about starting from politics and ending with sports. It is one of the best freelance writing resources.

Websites for designers and programmers

Besides, freelancers might work in different spheres. Nowadays, design and programming are very popular, but information is sometimes confusing and unclear.

So, here is the tip for those who are engaged in the given sphere:

  1. SlashDot is an informative blog about the latest events in the world of technologies and digital devices. Can be used by both beginners and experienced freelancers.
  1. Reddit Programming is for developers. A site explains the web-development basics and provides you with an opportunity to create your own code.
  1. Tuts+ has any information related to coding. A handy freelance resource for website designers offering ideas on how to create and manage your own project.
  1. Google Developers is a unique platform where developers discuss their ideas, share their thoughts, and find the needed information related to numerous products.

developers google website screenshot

  1. Hacker News offers you a brief description of the most meaningful events in the world of technologies. It includes numerous articles devoted to the issue. It’s also a useful freelance web design resource.
  1. You can find here some articles devoted to different spheres: business, design, technologies. Freelancers working with different content use it to boost their knowledge.
  1. SquareSpace is a good system to help you publish your website and blog. It suggests an opportunity to make your products popular and attract attention to them.
  1. MyDomain. You can have your own domain for only $8.50 per year. A good price is combined with a high quality of the suggested services. A must-have for web-designers.

person using a website on a MacBook

  1. SiteCreator. This site differs from the rest of other freelance websites for web designers. It’s an efficient tool that enables you to create a new website and guarantee its efficient functioning.
  1. PSD2HTML. Here, you can create any website in HTML and add any pictures you’d like to use in your project.
  1. Light is a tool to assist you in creating another beautiful source. It is one of the handy sites for graphics designers that is free and powerful enough to satisfy almost all of your graphic needs.
  1. MediaTemple is a web hosting that you will use in your work. It is simple, efficient, and is duly appreciated by freelancers.

Visual appeals

You also have to utilize numerous pictures, graphs, charts, tables, and other illustrations to support your thoughts. These are online resources for freelancers you can explore for these purposes:

  1. is a site with free pictures in various themes. You can find here a wide array of illustrations to support your main thought. Your paper will obviously look brighter!
  1. Unsplash is another resource for creative freelancers who might want to add pictures to their works to make them more attractive. Any file you find here is free.
  1. Picography is a useful collection that provides you with an opportunity to take any photo you like and support your main idea.
  1. Skitterphoto contains numerous free photos and pictures that you can explore when working on a specific project.
  1. Strategic Planning Software is a powerful tool for the creation of charts for structuring data in your paper. It will assist you in generating different kinds of tables and graphs.
  1. iCharts is an excellent freelance website for beginners that might help you create a perfect chart that your paper requires. Simple and understandable interface improves the comprehending of the issue.
  1. assists you in generating high-quality visual elements to enhance the presentation of your content.

a group of young adults visualize

  1. builds perfect diagrams. All you have to do is to upload the needed data and choose an appropriate pattern. A site will automatically create a diagram for you.
  1. is a helpful resource for freelance writers with some of the best-looking charts that could be used either as an example or just added to your content.
  1. LucidChart is a nice site for creation of charts, diagrams, tables, and graphs. It is very helpful for beginners.

Freelance blogs

Very often freelancers share their experience and create blogs that provide beginners with the information needed to make their first steps. That is why blogs are excellent freelancer resources that help the writers become efficient and monitor the latest changes in the sphere they are operating in. Just check out these sites:

  1. FreelanceFolder is an interesting and useful blog for people who want to work in any field. It contains tips, valuable links, recommendations, pieces of advice, etc. You should apparently read it, especially if you are a beginner.
  1. 43Folders is a genuine freelance website organized by the writer Merlin Mann. It is one of the best-known blogs for freelancers. It offers numerous recommendations about how to become an efficient writer and earn money without leaving your home.
  1. FrogsThemes is devoted to web design and its peculiarities. A useful resource for those working in any sphere.
  1. Freelancers Union offers tips and advice for everyone who wants to become a good freelancer. There are several categories you are free to choose from. Each category contains an array of useful articles.

freelancersunion website screenshot

  1. EnavoStudio is a community for designers, developers, and creative people who look for an opportunity to earn money. It suggests unusual ideas for freelancers and discusses the techniques they can use to facilitate their everyday job.
  1. MenWithPens is a well-known copywriting agency from Canada. You should obviously trust this blog. It is an excellent freelancing resource for professionals working across different spheres. You have to visit this great freelance website.
  1. Write to done is a handy blog that provides you with everything you should know about freelancing to make you perfect in writing. Tips, efficient techniques, unusual approaches, a list of helpful resources–you can find anything here.
  1. Double Your Freelancing is another blog focused on the provision of good ideas for increasing your income, choosing new clients, and planning your work hours. It explains how to become a freelancer, how to find an appropriate job, and how to reach success. Enjoy it!

Grammar check

Besides, any freelancer should provide a high-quality copy free from any mistakes. You might be probably wondering: “How do I avoid mistakes or misprints?”

The answer is simple.

Use the following online freelance resources:

  1. Grammarly is a powerful tool for checking your paper for mistakes and misprints. It also provides recommendations about the vocabulary and style.
  1. PaperRater is another grammar check tool that verifies the paper and states whether it looks good or not.
  1. WhiteSmoke is a service efficient in checking your copy and contributing to it without errors.
  1. GrammarCheck. Here, you just enter the text in the primary field, and a site checks it for any mistakes. Fast and easy.
  1. Reverso is another tool to check copies in different languages. It will obviously be helpful to you.

Time management resources

There are many more sites you can use to facilitate your freelance work. Working from home means that you have to control your performance on your own.

With this in mind, here are the best resources for freelancers to manage their time correctly:

  1. SlimTimer is a simple timer that monitors the job you perform and helps you plan your day.
  1. Tick also provides you with an opportunity to keep track of your budgets and control time.

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  1. TimeAssistant is a useful software for business that helps freelancers to schedule their day and remain efficient.
  1. FunctionFox is a creative site called to alter your attitude towards timing and to organize your job better.

Time is not the only aspect you should control. Here are some other things to manage.


  1. BillingOrchard is an electronic billing system providing you with an opportunity to control your finances.
  1. SimplyBill is invoicing software for any freelancer who wants to monitor their incomes and spendings.
  1. BlinkSale is an unlimited invoicing that is very helpful for writers. One of the best freelance websites.
  1. InvoicePlace is a software for easy invoicing from any place in the world. It will increase your efficiency greatly.

Project management

  1. SmartSheet is a management toolkit to be used for effective control of any project.
  1. Wridea is a website for creative freelancers who want to generate a completely new idea and explore it in their paper.
  1. ConceptShare is a place where you could share your thoughts and get feedback about the originality and significance of a specific idea.

conceptshare website screenshot

  1. Google Docs is a unique service that helps you share and download files needed for a project.
  1. Basecamp is an online project collaboration tool offering you different plans, ideas, and files.
  1. Project2Manage is a good freelance copywriter site that you should use if you want to remain informed about the latest important ideas within this sphere.
  1. Things is one of the good examples of freelance websites assisting you in organizing your paper and planning your work.


  1. Campfire is an online group chat for creating a protected chat room and discussing your project with an employer or another person.
  1. Skype is one of the necessary tools to be used for communication between a freelancer and their customers. It helps to specify the needed details and discuss a project to make it perfect. You can also use it for audio- and video calls.

Job sites

Very often freelancers face another sort of problem: the inability to find a good and well-paid job.

Find a job using this freelance job websites list:

  1. Krop is a good tool to look for creative careers in various spheres. It is predominantly American, but there is no significant difference for a freelancer. You can find there a number of reasonable offers.
  1. Freelancer. As it comes from the title, the site focuses on this sort of jobs. It includes a wide range of freelance opportunities for an individual. All you have to do is just to type a request in the search field.
  1. PeoplePerHour is a good freelance website that provides you with an opportunity to register and wait for suggestions. People all over the world can find you and suggest a good job.

a group of people discuss the task

  1. SimplyHired suggests millions of vacancies for specialists working in different spheres. That is why it is perfect for a freelancer who wants to find a job and looks for a particular vacancy.
  1. Upwork is one of the most popular online portals for freelancers where they can meet their customers and get a good job. The site provides an opportunity to cooperate and discuss the terms of the would-be partnership.
  1. Toptal is a place where developers of all programming languages can find their jobs. There are numerous vacancies requiring certain skills and experiences, you can tempt your fortune here.
  1. 99Designs is a website used by companies to obtain a new logo, website, or other important visual components. Freelance designers are welcomed here and paid by the terms of their agreements.
  1. Dribbble is a freelance job site that suggests working opportunities for designers.
  1. Behance Jobs is a website that offers opportunities for freelancers across the globe. Any specialist could find a job that they exactly need.
  1. iFreelance is a useful freelance job board covering all spheres and offering a wide range of opportunities for their work.

Payment systems

You will definitely need some tool to obtain the money you earn. Here are some tips:

  1. PayPal is an international online payment system that helps you get money quickly and safely.
  1. Escrow is a website for online transactions. You might choose it as it’s also reliable and will assist you in getting your money. This system is recognized in the majority of states.
  1. Payoneer is a convenient and efficient service. You might order a card to use in any state all over the world to get cash and spend it. It is also featured by the great level of protection. So you can feel secure.

woman is paying online with a credit card

  1. Skrill is another reliable system that helps you cash money out and become its happy owner. It is convenient and simple so you can easily understand its peculiarities.
  1. XE is a currency converter. Might be helpful when you work with the representatives of different states. It could also help you make a transaction or get money. You should pay special attention to it.
  1. is another payment system you might want to use. It is popular in the majority of Western states. It functions fast and efficiently. If you do not know how to manage your money think about it as one of the possible alternatives.

Handy sites

Altogether, there are also several good freelancer websites to be considered by a writer in any field because of their useful content.

Here they are:

  1. Library of Congress is a rich collection of various sources devoted to different spheres. Use it when collecting materials for your copy.
  1. National Archives is a handy site when you are writing about past events or need some unique documents. Mind it.
  1. Digital Library is a good site that provides numerous books, articles, newspapers, etc. Might be helpful for a writer as it is a good educational resource for freelancing.
  1. Michigan`s eLibrary is another free library that provides its visitors with about 20,000 ebooks to help them when writing content.

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  1. New York Public Dictionary contains over 700,000 images, digital projects, online exhibitions, artworks, etc. You are welcome to enjoy all these works for free.
  1. includes peer-reviewed articles, scientific journals, books, and other freelance educational resources. In case you write an academic paper, you should explore this source.
  1. Docracy is the richest web collection of legal contracts created by the best lawyers. You can significantly benefit from this site.
  1. Copyright is almost everything that a freelancer needs to know about copyright and its legal aspects in the USA.
  1. AIGA includes standard forms of agreements between various agents. Any freelance specialist should explore it. This is one of the resources you will need.

The majority of freelancers and their clients don’t know how to make a good contract.  Write a contract in a plain language, include all the responsibilities of both parties, and be format it  properly.

  1. YouTube. Who does not know YouTube? The huge and the most popular collection of movies, clips, and other content devoted to any single area of interest. It’s the first place you should visit when you need a video to support your ideas.
  1. Zoho is a unique operating system for business. Provides you with different office tools you might need when writing a copy. Its great advantage is that it is free.

zoho website screenshot

As you see, there are exactly 100 online freelance resources that will make you perfect in writing. One should realize the fact that when working on the order, you, as a freelancer, have to collect a number of facts to make your paper informative and credible.

Moreover, you should also look through numerous books, articles, presentations, and other publications to assure that only the best ones are chosen for your project.

Rather challenging, isn`t it?

And we should say “yes.” Sometimes this task might be complex. The Web obviously has answers to almost any question that might appear when you are working on a certain order. However, a writer should find these answers and use good tools to make their copy flawless.

Many beginners fail to do it though and find freelancing too challenging for them.

But think again!

You will make money sitting at home and enjoying a cozy atmosphere of your room. Isn`t it nice? Of course, it is!

Go ahead and use these freelancer resources we have just listed for you, and you will become a successful freelancer.

The only thing is to start!

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