Terms and Conditions


Cool.club is also referred to as "the Company".

These terms identify the responsibilities of Cool.Club users (the Writer(s)) and spell out any possible consequences, which the Writers may face by violating of these specific Terms. We encourage you to read them carefully, as they highlight the values, which we, at the Cool.Club, are promoting.

 Plagiarism Control
  1. The Writer may not upload any materials that: a) have been previously published, b) contain part(s) of already published materials, without proper attribution to the original work, c) were written earlier for the third parties, as part of a previous order and/or any other writing contract (with or without a direct participation the Company), d) contain parts protected by copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights of any third parties, without proper permission.

  2. Negligence in these cases will be considered as the most serious offense of the given Terms and will be treated accordingly. Submitted work must be 100% plagiarism free. Writer shall be solely liable for any damages resulting from any infringement of copyrights, intellectual property rights, or any other harm caused by such a submission.

  3. Whether intentional or unintentional, any case of alleged plagiarism detected by the Company is regarded as a violation of the Policy and may result in a substantial penalty or account termination.

 Deadline Observance
  1. The Writer must present the completed work, written according to the original instructions, without grammatical and spelling errors ON or BEFORE the agreed deadline. If the Writer cannot meet the deadline, the Writer shall provide to a Support Dpt. representative of the Company reasonable notice in advance of the agreed deadline. The Writer may not set a new deadline without consent of the Support Dpt. representative.

  2. If the Writer fails to complete the assignment by the deadline without consent to an extension from the Support Dpt. representative, the Company has the right to apply a fine and/or terminate the initial order contract and make no further payment(s) for any work already delivered by the Writer.

  3. Any personal arrangements, which might prevent the Writer from delivering the work on time, have to be reported and/or dealt with in a timely manner, to prevent any delays with the delivery of the final product

 Quality Assurance
  1. Completed work must correspond to general quality standards applied to writing and must follow the specific instructions provided by the client. Typos, grammatical, or/and spelling mistakes are not acceptable.

  2. All format and other requirements are available at the Cool.Club website (Library), and the Writer is responsible for learning and fulfilling, when applicable.

  3. The Support Dpt. representative may recommend the Writer to improve the paper in regard to content, style, common mistakes, and point of view. The Writer is to follow Support Dpt. representative's advice to their best abilities.

  4. If the submitted paper doesn't fulfill the stipulated instructions, a Support Dpt. representative may require the Writer to revise the paper. The Writer is obliged to complete a revision within the set time frame, particularly – the revision deadline.

 Format Requirements Observance
  1. Format requirements must be fulfilled in the strictest manner. Failing to observe them will result in a fine. Exceptions are made if clients instructions differ from the standard requirements set by the Company.

 Copyright Issues
  1. When submitting the completed work, the Writer transfers to the Company exclusive rights to display, copy, modify (create derivative content), publish, distribute, transmit and sell completed work, i.e. the work cannot be resold, published or made publicly available online by the Writer without an explicit permission of the Company. Violation of this rule will result in immediate termination of the account without remuneration and a possibility of account reactivation .

  2. The Writer consents and authorizes the Company to exclude their name from the final paper, handed over by the Company, and confirms that this action will not adversely affect the interests of the Writer as the author in any way.

 Equipment & Internet Security
  1. Writer shall be responsible for obtaining and maintaining all telephone, computer hardware and other equipment needed to access and utilize the Cool.Club website and all maintenance/repair charges related to these matters. The Writer is responsible for maintaining the security of the computer used to access Cool.Club. The Writer is responsible for protection against unauthorized access to all of the results of works created in the process of cooperation with the Company, as well as passwords and/or any other personal login information needed to access this site.

  2. The Writer should be aware of the general risks of transmitting information over the Internet. The Writer is responsible for implementing sufficient procedures for data backup, and protection from "viruses," "worms," "Trojan horses" or other malicious computer software.

 Personal Information
  1. The Writer shall provide the Company with valid contact details. In case if the Writer’s phone number or/and email address or/and payment information have been changed, the Writer is to inform the Company as soon as possible with updated information and make the relevant changes in their Writer’s profile (available after registration).

  2. Usage of multiple accounts (single person registering more than one account to access the site – Cool.Club) is prohibited. If multiple accounts registered for one user are detected, the Company reserves the right to terminate the account(s) without remuneration and a possibility of account reactivation.

  3. Note: Usage of voicemail is prohibited, as it prevents direct and immediate contact with the Writer.

 Payment and Prices
  1. The average price per 275 words is 5-15$. The Writer has an option to bid for the higher price. The submitted bid shall be reviewed by a Support Dpt. representative and may be discussed with the Writer.

  2. The Writer shall be paid biweekly (twice a month) the sum earned for the previous period(s). The payment periods are between 1st-3rd and 16th-18th of each month. During a payment period the Writer cannot change or/and edit payment information on the profile.

  3. The Company guarantees timely payouts if the completed work meets all the requirements and is accepted by the Client.

  4. In case of a revision of the work (3. Quality Assurance), the payment shall be withheld until the final work approval.

  5. The Writer shall choose the payment method (Wire Transfer, Payoneer and Epayments are available) on the Writer profile and provide all the necessary information before the payment period.

  6. The minimum payment amount transferred via Payoneer, and/or Epayments is $50; via Wire Transfer – $400. The Writer shall use an ”Early payment request” button if the sum earned is less than $400 to indicate that they want to be paid in advance (min. payment amount in this case is $70).

  1. The Company enforces these Terms against every user, with every completed work submitted for approval without any exceptions. Burden of proof in any investigation will be placed upon the Writer. The Company reserves the right to terminate the account in case of consistent violations of these Terms.