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Order placement

To start, simply click the "Get the content" button found on any page of our website. Next, you'll come across a simple order form. Provide all the necessary information about the work you need to get done. Once you've completed the form, our sales team will get in touch with you within the next 42 hours and provide you with a price quote.

The more relevant details you share, the better content we will create. Feel free to tell us anything related to the topic, requirements, preferred writing style, audience, tone of voice, and any additional resources you'd like us to use.

Yes, you can. Go to the "Orders" section on your profile page to check if your materials are ready to download. You can also contact the assigned writer and request a draft to see how things are coming along with the text.

You can reach out to us through any channel, and we'll provide you with an update. Our writers finish the work on time and prepare it for submission, so there's usually no need to worry about delays.

Please submit detailed instructions to ensure you receive what you're expecting. The more information you provide, the easier for our writer to create content that meets your requirements. If you are concerned that something might not be clear or go amiss, feel free to reach out to your writer or our support team.

Once the work is finished, you'll receive a notification email from us. This email will contain a link that allows you to download the completed document. Additionally, you can check the status of your order on your profile page to see the change in status from "in progress" to "completed."

You can communicate with your expert in the internal messaging system. You're free to track the progress, check the drafts, and discuss any amendments. We don't recommend using any external means to contact the expert or exchanging personal data and contacts.

Our team

We hire only people who love writing and have rich professional backgrounds in various industries. Strict requirements and the variety of candidates we select enable us to offer a range of writers' tiers. This allows us to adjust the price of your order for any budget and task.

Every applicant completes both English and industry knowledge tests and has a trial period to ensure their skills and experience match our requirements and expectations. We assign them various topics and types of tasks to expose all of their abilities.

Writers' tiers show how much our writers know and how good they are at writing. Lower tiers don't mean they're bad; they might not be the best for complicated tasks. But everyone can get better and move up to higher tiers with time.

No. We have an AI-powered algorithm to ensure we pick the right writer for your job. It considers the writer's tier (how good they are), the type of content, and the topic. We have a big team, so we can usually find someone who knows a lot about what you need.

Absolutely! Let us know if you worked with a writer you liked before and want them for your next job. You can also choose a writer's tier to get someone with the expertise you want.


You don't need to wonder how much your order will cost. Just fill in the form and tell us what you need. You will get the estimated price immediately before you pay, with no hidden fees.

Yes. We have special deals and discounts for our customers from time to time. Sign up for our newsletter, and don't miss any offers.

Yes, you have to pay before we start working. This helps us ensure the writer gets paid. At the same time, we guarantee 100% of your money back if you are unsatisfied after free revisions.

The price depends on four factors: the length of copy you want, the writer's level, the type of content, and when you need it. There are also extra paid services like getting it fast or plagiarism reports.

The cost of promoting content can vary a lot. It depends on what you want, so we figure it out individually based on your needs.

Cool.Club Services

Customers' safety is our priority. We never disclose any of your personal details, even to your writers. We do not store any of your payment details.

We're happy to assist you with blog posts, articles, press releases, editing and proofreading your existing copy, and content promotion. At the same time, if you need something specific, feel free to reach us, and we'll find a solution.

No worries! Just talk to our support team and explain what you want. We'll figure out how to help.

We only use white-hat methods to promote your content, like broken link building, guest posting, skyscraper technique, etc.

Issues with orders

If anything goes wrong, talk to our support team. They're always around to help with any issues.

If you're unhappy with what you receive, contact us immediately. Even if it's just a draft, your writer will improve it. If it's the final copy and you still don't like it, ask for free revisions within 14 days. This guarantee applies if no extra requirements or instructions contradicting initial order details were added.

It depends on how much needs fixing. Most revisions are finished in a few hours or a day. If it's a lot of work, it could take longer.

Contact us

Questions left?

Contact us! Our support team is always here to assist you with any question regarding our services and your order.
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