Keys to Success: 30 Content Marketing Tools for Your Business

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It’s no secret that online content marketing tools are superb assistants when it comes to creating and sharing your ideas. Just like anything useful, however, they demand hard work to organize. Starting your content marketing may sound like a challenge.

But guess what?

Here are 30 content marketing tools to help you shape up your goals and find the best places to promote them.

We have generated a list of places where you can:

  • Find marketing platform examples
  • Learn about unique content creation software
  • See how content marketing software platforms can improve your content writing

So, let’s get it started!

First of all, you need to think about taking advantage of content marketing software if you really mean to make your business successful (and we know you do!). This software empowers you to collaborate with your employees and offers the following benefits:

– Developing your strategy

  • Planning and designing the best content creation tools
  • Tracking your tools’ efficacy
  • Upgrading your content to ensure the best results

Some kind of software is simply a must-have if you want to reach your clients better. What’s more, the right software will enable you to persuade potential customers before the deal, as well as after it. To put it in simple terms, when you’ve got great software, you’ve got access to the secrets of strong business communication.

Top 5 content marketing software tools

Here’s what we suggest for starters:

  1. Buzzsprout is all about podcasts. It’s the simplest thing you can use to introduce your podcast to listeners and get them to endorse and follow it.
  2. will enable you to broadcast your content across all of your social channels. The platform provides a handy planning calendar to make your publishing perspectives numerous and easy to access.
  3. Do you find complicated platforms to be bothersome to use? We do, too. That’s why we suggest using ion platform. You need this tool if you wish to make your content development quick instead of complex and challenging to manage.

Ion interactive website screenshot

  1. EpicBeat is a software tool that displays content in the most appealing way. The graphs and charts offered by this fast content creation software are distinctive and attractive.
  2. Showpad will arrange sales and marketing tools for each of your sales communications and interactions. This platform lets you share your experiences and present your values.

Top 5 content writing tools

Now, let’s suppose you’ve come to realize the importance of content marketing. The next thing you may be wondering is this: well, that’s all nice, but what if I’m not good at writing?

Here’s the kicker:

There are fantastic content writing tools out there to help you do just that. Even if you are not extra-creative or extremely talented, and even if you don’t know where to start or how to finish, there are a few secret resources that we will gladly unveil for you:

  1. Skyword offers various levels of content writing supply. Their attractive bonuses include collaboration with Bigstock Imagery and Thomson Reuters.
  2. Feel disoriented even thinking about the vast variety of tools that you have to combine? Oracle (formerly Compendium) offers a single dashboard that combines opportunities to organize, design, develop, advertise, and evaluate your content.
  3. Piksel Palette is a fabulous place for those who like automated free content creation tools. Here, content is regularly updated with something new and exciting. By gaining more flexible management, you can design an immense number of pages that you can effectively refresh.

Piksel Palette website screenshot

  1. Shareist is an excellent platform to assist you during the whole content creation and marketing process. Here, you can find content and easily integrate links, pictures, texts, and videos. Then, you can use the material anywhere you like, from emails to e-books.
  2. Brafton suggests fresh ways of content marketing along with the enhancement of your site’s search engine optimization. Here, you can find the benefits of content analysis and ways to promote your content on various social media channels. Brafton helps you make sure that your content finds the proper audience and looks its best on the web.

Top 5 content creation tools

At one time or another, all writers come to a point where they don’t know what to write about, where to start, or how to continue or finish. You don’t have to think that you are the only one who has ever found themselves in such a situation.

Here’s the trick, though:

There are tons of tools and ideas to help you explore content and find inspiration, and we have outlined several of the most fascinating options for you. With these tools, you are bound to find the most current and fashionable topics and always stay on trend.

  1. Quora is a great place to look for fast content creation software. You can note trending topics by judging the number of questions being asked about them. With Quora, you will always be aware of the latest trends in content creation.
  2. You can search the most contemporary topics on Twitter to find out what is favored all over the world or even in a particular region. By doing some research, you’ll see what kind of content to promote. What’s more, you can also look for hashtags connected with your industry and find out what issues most interest your potential customers.

Twitter website screenshot

  1. If you are a fan of iPhones, SPUN is precisely what you need. This website content software has a fantastic interface and collects the most exciting content from a massive number of websites, blogs, magazines, and YouTube channels.
  2. Pulse is a tool recently bought by LinkedIn that works as an RSS feed from various places. After LinkedIn bought it, Pulse expanded to several million users within just a couple of months. You can search for specific information according to your preferences and favorite topics.
  3. Trapit is a content exploration app that offers a personalized content feed based on your interests and preferences. Created especially for iPad, this tool studies your feedback and provides you with better content every time you use it. Trapit suggests free content for websites in the beginning, and if you like the demo version, you can purchase more advanced options.

Top 5 content visualizing tools

Apart from writing great content, you will also need to utilize content creation tools to visualize your writing and make it more alluring to your audience. Working with pictures might seem like a challenge, but here’s the deal: there are many programs out there that offer outstanding results and are easy to learn. Here are just a few of the coolest ones:

  1. is the right place for those who wish to create exceptional data-based images and terrific infographics. You can scrutinize thousands of existing infographics created by the tool’s designers and get inspiration for your own ideas.
  2. Embedded Tweets is one of those content marketing tools that can make your content look more interactive and trustworthy. Tweets enriched with videos, pictures, and article reviews are viral social media content creation services. When your Tweets are embedded, your followers will be able to find the author and retweet the post or ask any questions straight from the page.
  3. Google Keyword Tool gives you the opportunity to look for the most suitable keyword combinations to incorporate in the titles or body paragraphs of your articles. You don’t necessarily have to use the data this tool suggests, but keep in mind that these are the most highly used keywords, so you should employ at least some of their variations.

Google keyword planner website screenshot

  1. Ever wondered if anything could be just as good as Photoshop but simpler? GIMP is the answer! With this program, you can make fantastic visuals for your content without tremendous effort. Everyone knows how crucial it is to incorporate images into their website content. It’s a well-known fact that 40% of readers are much more receptive to visual imagery than solid text.
  2. Another practical tool for those who are eager to succeed but not very strong technically is With its help, you can easily adjust images to employ in your PDFs and articles.

Top 5 content organizing tools

Once you’ve learned how to create high-quality content, you may come across another problem: how to organize everything and stay up-to-date without too much strenuous effort. In this section, we have collected the best content marketing software for you. Whether you are an experienced content writer or are just taking your first steps in this area, these tools will help you keep your content, tasks, and projects all systematized and logically arranged.

  1. Google Calendar. What could be better than a well-known tool from the most familiar search engine? Google Calendar is a great way to keep everything in mind. With its help, you can quickly arrange and coordinate your publishing and distribution events on your company’s schedule.
  2. Trello is a great content planning template that empowers you to manage all of your small and big ideas on compact, elegantly arranged digital cards. You can use this tool to easily exchange your content planning ideas, goals, and concerns with your colleagues.And this is crazy:With this tool, you can collect votes on specific cards to gauge the reaction of your team members. This tool lets you choose the most successful content to develop further.
  3. Harvest is a useful tool to help you follow and organize your content marketing achievements. With its precise and comfortable software, you’ll be able to find out how much time you spend on your tasks, which will in turn bolster your content production.

Harvest website screenshot

  1. Of course, you shouldn’t neglect Pinterest—one of the greatest content marketing planning tools for managing your own resources as well as the interesting materials of others.Here’s a trick for Pinterest:You can set your boards to secret if you wish to hide some of your team’s ideas.
  2. Finally, there is Remember The Milk, a superb tool that automatically coordinates with Twitter, Google Calendar, Outlook, Gmail, and many other tools. This app is a modernized to-do list.

Top 5 content marketing tools

You may generate interesting content and enrich it with superb interactive features but still not gain enough popularity.

Have you ever wondered how this could happen?

The answer is simple: a lack of proper distribution can leave even the most effective content to the abyss of rejection. You need to share your content efficiently to earn the best feedback and gain popularity among readers. Here’s a list of the most rewarding content sharing platforms. By using these, you are bound to become known and successful.

  1. PRWeb is a platform for sharing press releases about your most relevant content. When you use it, your content will reach millions of the website’s visitors, a quarter-million new subscribers, and over thirty-thousand journalists. PRWeb is simple to use and suggests some effective tools for generating your press releases, sharing them, and tracking their progress.

PRWeb website screenshot

  1. With the help of Buffer, you can save time on organizing your content and sharing it via LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. This tool will help you integrate the distribution of your content across various channels in a fast and hassle-free way.
  2. Promoted posts on Facebook are not among the many free content marketing tools, but you will definitely benefit from using them. With the help of promoted posts, you can boost your content’s visibility, allowing it to reach more people than it would organically. Your paid posts will be seen by huge audiences and will bring your content more success.

Promoted posts on Facebook screenshot

  1. MailChimp is a great way to market your content with the help of an email list. Haven’t got one? MailChimp will help you generate it. With the aid of this platform, more and more subscribers will sign up for your list and receive your updates. MailChimp is one of the best content marketing tools for customer retention.
  2. Yoast is a fantastic SEO tool for WordPress. With Yoast, you can improve your content and help it rank better on the leading search engines. This tool keeps the SEO process uncomplicated by telling you exactly how to improve your website’s standing with search engines.

Yoast website screenshot

Now that you know about the most powerful content marketing tools, you can work on boosting your business opportunities. Choose the most appropriate software for your enterprise, and then start making your content excellent! Whether you opt for free content marketing software or one of the paid options, don’t forget that the tools you use should be consistent and regularly updated. For sure, the tools presented in our list are not the only ones available; there are many more than what we’ve mentioned. But we did our best to give you a solid basis for your content marketing plan.

Whichever tools you decide to use, remember that getting started is half the battle!

Good luck with your content marketing!

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